Apparently I suck at copy-pasting.

Or maybe the mastodon web-client, or maybe Firefox. But probably me.

Should've been this gif.

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We are aware that it can and should be improved. A lot. The hard part is not seeing what can be done better, not even in actually doing it. But in prioritizing what should be improved first.

So please! By all means let us know what you think sucks, needs work, can be done better or withholds you from using the job-search.

Better even: make that a ticket: And best, obviously: make it a PR. The webpage is just plain HTML & vanilla JS. entry level. The bot is rust; sorry.

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Shout out to @stevefloyd for the design. It rocks! You rock.

And yea, it took long to finalize. Way to long. Sorry. Life gets in the way some times.

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We've stabilized and re-deployed the job-offer and job-candidate bot for the Fediverse.


Please bear with us while we monitor and improve the bot and indexing service. It will crash. It will get things wrong.

OK! Here's the job post!

- Ruby (Rails) + JavaScript (React) mostly
- 16~32 hours per week, your discretion.
- $66.10~$96.14/hr (With a cap of $120k/yr; so 24 hours/wk at top-end)
- Building software that's used in classrooms around the world to nurture self-actualization from an early age.

It's a ~10 person collectively-managed team that is carefully, intentionally, and deliberately moving towards being a worker #coop.


Hello Metro 2.0! 🎉

Our new design is now available in beta! You can try it on supported instances like

#pixelfed #metroUI #design

Artikel in der Frankfurter Allgemeinen Sonntagszeitung in dem #Fediverse, #Mastodon, #Peertube und Pixelfed erwähnt werden;

#FAS, 28.11.21, #Technik&Motor, S.44; Peter #Welchering - Die #unendlich​en #Weite​n des #Fediversum​s;

Is there a mastodon or other instance for entrepreneurs, founders and freelancers?

We now have, not 1, not 2, but 3 (!) open positions for working with us at #SoftwareHeritage, both tech- and management-profiles. Check it out and apply at:

great interview with @penpot CEO Pablo Ruiz-Múzquiz by @clayton

Designers to developers at Kaleidos:

> Look we are not first-class citizens in open source. We are happy with Inkscape. We are happy with GIMP. We are happy with some tools, but you developers have everything to choose from. You can choose the best of the best. You live in this paradise world where you don't know how privileged you are.

> We agree with you. We are all about open source absolutely but you have to understand that we are frustrated with the professional quality of some tools. We want to achieve parity with you developers.

Element is hiring Backend Engineers 🚀

If you:
- are experienced with #Python OR #NodeJS
- know your way with #SQL
- know what a REST API is
- want to work on an open source project (#Synapse and/or bridges)

You can either DM me or apply directly on

If you are not sure if you would be a great fit or what would be expected from you, drop me a message and we'll figure it out :)

🔄 Boosts very appreciated, we need you!

Framasoft are one of the few no-bullshit, non-Silicon Valley organisations working to protect your freedoms online and they’ve been hugely supportive of us since the very beginning.

Please support them if you can.

#freedom #tech #privacy #humanRights

Hi fediverse, I'm working on to help people find their Mastodon home. It's still a WIP, but ideas and suggestions are most welcome.


#tech #mastodon #privacy #fediverse #socialmedia #facebook #twitter

Hello, I’m the reel2bits project main developper (a #FLOSS self-hostable #soundcloud like with #ActivityPub federation).

It’s written in python/flask/vuejs and I need help because of health issues I’m unable to work a lot on it anymore, if you are interested to help me on some of the issues and more specially the ActivityPub part, you can contact me through:

the project matrix channel
the issue tracker
this account

boosts appreciated, thanks.

Important decisions about Misskey(Project)
- I(Syuilo) don't accept any issue and pull request to Misskey(Git Repository: for an indefinite period of time.
- Due to a reason above,I remove all collaborators from Misskey.Beacuse they still can make a issue and pull request.
-If you have a question and need a help about Misskey,please use Misskey Forum(
- I am only going to develop Misskey. But I may consider of stopping a development of Misskey indefinitely under the certin circumstances.
- If the project could raise a enough fund to continue the development and I can concentrate the project development,I will accept your contribution again.
- I continuousely accept your contribution for mfm.js , misskey.js and so on. These side projects are relatively small and I could continue to handle.

A reason of my decisions as follows
- Lack of my ability of organizing Misskey Projcet
- We could not raise enough fund for project development.
- In relation to above, there is not enough time for me to develop the project, and delay in response to issue and pull request is expected.

Please note that this post is just a translation of Syuilo original post for Japanese people.

#ActivityPub #misskey #fediverse


> depends on for whom the site is built for. companies searching for the right candidate or candidates searching for the right company?

Both. As we tried to make apparent with the two tabs "Openings" and "Candidates". Do you think we need to make this clearer?

Hi! This is the official #Bookwyrm account. Bookwyrm is a federated reading platform (think Goodreads). Post about your reading and stuff! You can interact with Mastodon users and vice versa. We are going to toot development news and more.
List of instances

FediFollows has been on the #Fediverse for one year! 🎉 🎂

A huge thank you to everyone who suggested accounts so far, and to the accounts themselves 👏

Hand-curated directories are often seen as old-fashioned, but I think they have a role in getting people started on new decentralised social media.

FediFollows currently has 2.3K followers across a wide range of instances, so even people who don't follow me are more likely to see these interesting accounts in their hashtag searches.

Go Fedi!

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