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WandaVision is reminding me of Twin Peaks, just for its surrealness.

OK, so do two people have to be on the same XMPP server in order to communicate? Or does the protocol have some kind of forwarding, like email does?

What is the best XMPP client for Android? I'm looking for ease of use primarily. I want to give a recommendation to a non-techie friend of mine. My other criterion is that it not require a "real" phone number. Many apps still seem to require a phone number. I know I could get a phone# from google, but that's far from ideal as well. TIA!

Bring on the space dreadnoughts bristling with atomic missiles!

Every user should log in at a computer console now and then, to make the computer feel better about itself.

I'm a maintenance programmer the way some people are maintenance drinkers.

I'm looking for open-source forum software with good privacy protection and really good email interface. Any recommendations?

One thing I never did discover, while I was staring out into the dark: that what a lady looks for in her lover is charm, strangeness, and quark.

Hey, everyone!
Party at my place on Noisette!
(That's Duodi, 22 Fructidor.)

"if all sock puppets here started a revolution, would they begin by guillotining hands?"

Some would argue that I shouldn't be programming anyway, but I try not to listen to the voices coming from the toaster. [Ovid]

"If the NSA felt like spying on you, pro tip, they're gonna be able to do it. If you care about keeping your shit secure, it shouldn't be on the internet at all."

I wanna know if there's any Liverpool supporters!

Because I dig Chelsea.

I'd hold the whole world in my metal claws, if it wasn't for the Three Laws

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