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Some folks have suggested (Absolute Xenophone)[] or something akin. That's close, but not what I'm thinking of, because that just describes those beings and why they're dangerous. What I'm talking about is strictly what's done on "our" side -- making that planet/island off limits by some official law or decree.

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Ok, so I never properly introduced myself. I'm a rag-tag fugitive from Scroogle+. I've been moderately active on diaspora* (pluspora) for a while, but I'd like to explore the fediverse more. I also staked out a plot on Friendica, but for some reason I don't find it as user friendly. I chose FOSStodon because I'm a programmer by trade. You'll also find me on github as GuyFleegman, though I'm not active there. Oh- my G+ name was (and my real name is) John Douglas Porter.

Sure, 90% of my code is crud. That's because 90% of is crud.

Oh, for the wings of any bird, other than a battery hen.

Sometimes i feel like R: not anyone's favorite, but functional and pretty great with data.

There is recombination between many of these viruses, so the phylogenetic trees built from complete genomes is not an accurate reflection of the evolutionary history of the various lineages.

Ok, geeks, I need some help. What is the name of the trope that says: "The inhabitants of that place (e.g. island or planet) are too dangerous. All interaction with them is forbidden!" The one example I can think of regards Talos IV:

I was indulging in my self-defeat -- of course, you can't *become* if you only *say* what you would have done -- but if you want to know how I really feel…

So, I bought an InstantPot... and I've tried several times but it hasn't made any pot for me. What am I doing wrong?

/me takes orders, joining the Monks of St. Hubris the Petulant

The bay-trees in our country are all withered, And meteors fright the fixèd stars of heaven. The pale-faced moon looks bloody on the earth, And lean-looked prophets whisper fearful change.

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