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You say you're my friend, right? And you'd like it to stay that way, right? Well then you better start coughing up the money!

He does not live and he does not die; he does not offer truth and neither does he lie.

Hey, can you look...? Do I have the teeth of the Hydra upon me?

"Like all problems in software, you can solve it by adding another layer of indirection."

The Fates are no match for a man singlemindedly devoted to his own destruction.

Between the silence of the mountains and the crashing of the sea, there lies a land I once lived in, and she's waiting there for me

I am authorized to assure you that, so far, there is no reasonable cause for alarm!

Wear the thickest skin you have.
And assume that others have much thinner skin.

(This is a variant of Postel's Law. See RFC-1855:


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