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re: prescrip drug +/wistful; short 

@woozle I believe you ought to ask. They want to know what has worked and not worked in the past. They can only prescribe so much so often, and as long as you stay within those bounds you can hardly be considered drug-seeking.

prescrip drug +/wistful; short 

@woozle That hasn't worked as well for me as some others (*amph* variants) ... but in every case, I get an actual bounce (negative) as they wear off. You have to live with it, or else die from sleep deprivation. :cry:

I'm on the hunt for a keyboard optimized not for touch typing, but for accuracy in swiping. I'm really sick of gboard getting if/of wrong, or the/three/there, etc. The most common letters should be far apart, and common vowels sure as heck shouldn't be next to each other. Of course, this would have to be language specific.

@dredmorbius Fortunately, "onomatopoeia" sounds exactly like what you hear when you say it.


"It has nothing to do with any social or moral issue before the world or with any that can ever conceivably arise." LOL

Every user should log in at a computer console now and then, to make the computer feel better about itself.

I'm a maintenance programmer the way some people are maintenance drinkers.

"Herd immunity" might not be good science, but irrespective of that, it doesn't even make sense to talk about "herd immunity" when _no one_ has any immunity. These wackos doen't even understand the bad science they're citing!

Still not seeing any real justification for learning it vice a real programming language.

ls -l | perl -ane '$sum += $F[5]; END { printf "average size: %.2f kB\n", $sum / $. / 1000 }'

well, sure. If you don't care whether anyone remembers the exploits of your generation, you'll just smile and let it go.

I believe that this is the origin of legends -> myth -> religion.

I'm looking for open-source forum software with good privacy protection and really good email interface. Any recommendations?

@mike Cool; thank you for that. What a newless cloob like myself wants to know is: What sets any given distro apart? What does it have to recommend it? What are its sweet spots?

One thing I never did discover, while I was staring out into the dark: that what a lady looks for in her lover is charm, strangeness, and quark.

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