@mdhughes I assume you are alluding to Greenspun's Tenth Rule.

@mdhughes I admit I don't know the peculiarities of zsh; I'm used to bash and ksh, which are blecherous. while loops fork? whose idea was this? 😛

@mdhughes Well that's unfortunate. shell is a horrendous language to try to write in. The fact that you can't reduce that trivial little function to a one-liner exemplifies.

@mdhughes Of course, to do this The Right Way, you wouldn't load the entire set of lines into memory anyway.

You trying to golf this, or just doing it in perl, which is faster?
@l = `whatever`; print $l[ rand @l ];

@mdhughes Are you sure Perl is a loser here? One thing it WON'T be doing is spawning yet another processs and writing all those lines to it, just to get a line count. ffs.

WandaVision is reminding me of Twin Peaks, just for its surrealness.

@kiri So all you need is their address, like jrandomhacker@yax.im, and it Just Works?

OK, so do two people have to be on the same XMPP server in order to communicate? Or does the protocol have some kind of forwarding, like email does?

@paulopinto Thank you. Especially for spelling it correctly. ;-)

What is the best XMPP client for Android? I'm looking for ease of use primarily. I want to give a recommendation to a non-techie friend of mine. My other criterion is that it not require a "real" phone number. Many apps still seem to require a phone number. I know I could get a phone# from google, but that's far from ideal as well. TIA!

@woozle The Hubzilla article on wikipedia is in a very sad state. It is still in a draft state. It has been submitted several times over the years and has been rejected each time. Seems unfair. Someone who knows a lot about Hubzilla, but isn't "connected" to it, should go give it a bunch of love.

@GreyLinux Can you please give just one illustrative example of a "political statement" from Mozilla, so I can see what you're talking about.

@GreyLinux What are you referring to with "poor decisions and political statements"?

@CobaltVelvet I hope you'll stay. I've been enjoying your posts very much. Unfortunately I never have anything clever to respond with. :-/

Bring on the space dreadnoughts bristling with atomic missiles!

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