Ok, so I never properly introduced myself. I'm a rag-tag fugitive from Scroogle+. I've been moderately active on diaspora* (pluspora) for a while, but I'd like to explore the fediverse more. I also staked out a plot on Friendica, but for some reason I don't find it as user friendly. I chose FOSStodon because I'm a programmer by trade. You'll also find me on github as GuyFleegman, though I'm not active there. Oh- my G+ name was (and my real name is) John Douglas Porter.

@fleegman Have you tried Hubzilla? It definitely has UI issues as well, but I've been finding it more usable than Friendica.

@woozle Thanks for the reco. I haven't. But is there a compelling reason to at this point? I think I'm pretty happy with Mastodon...


I can only give *my* reasons for needing something else (which may not apply to you).

1. Formatting (even with the newish HTML option, Masto's formatting options are limited).

2. Long-form posts.

3. Slightly more readable threading (post + comments, like G+)

4. Interoperation with Diaspora


@woozle The Hubzilla article on wikipedia is in a very sad state. It is still in a draft state. It has been submitted several times over the years and has been rejected each time. Seems unfair. Someone who knows a lot about Hubzilla, but isn't "connected" to it, should go give it a bunch of love.

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