Is it me or is Firefox getting worse with its poor decisions and political statements lately ? Is there another opensource web browser that supports home assistant well enough that I can switch and get a reasonable experience when viewing the my home assistant and general web browsing ?


@GreyLinux What are you referring to with "poor decisions and political statements"?

@fleegman @GreyLinux I can't talk about poor decisions, but as far as I remember, Firefox/Mozilla have always made political statements 🤔

Which is not to say that moving away from Firefox/Mozilla is an unjustified idea, I can understand that the deplatforming post rubbed people the wrong way.

@Atrval I'm not American so this wasn't a concern for me but I understand why some might be annoyed with the decision.

@fleegman also the layoffs they made to staff which wasn't in the best direction , ideally it should of been more staff available for the browser development.

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