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Well, has been fun. If you run it on the server you can SSH in from anywhere to make a post. Functional. But I'm finding I need a proper gallery I can upload images on the fly to, and possibly more.

Looking at a CMS or wedging in a photo gallery. To do it right I know to start writing my own, but the last time I got stuck into , I ended up wandering off after a passing butterfly...


Yes, I know it is not Saturday. Call it a protest regarding .

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Wrote a quick "how to update a rolling release" post. Lessons learned the hard way with . Always up for constructive feedback:


Anybody up on their smartplugs?

I have a heater in my office I'd like to turn on from home. Don't care if I have to SSH into it to do so (or something like that). No android/apple devices in the house so I'm curious as to how I'd manage it. A timer would work but I don't come in every day (and don't want to waste power).

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The thirtieth edition of my weekly collection of Linux Phone news (@PINE64 , @purism and such), , is out!


Plenty distro releases, a new PinePhone accessory, 0.8.0 and more!

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The twenty-ninth edition of my weekly collection of Linux Phone news (@PINE64 , @purism and such), , is out!


Pine64 January update, @mobian Community Edition, shipping update and more!

Weird day. My TAB key kept on going off on it's own. Made it rather difficult to surf much less sit in a shell. Not the KB. Not the USB port. Later rebooted to a "bad superblock" error. Not even a proper grub rescue to be found. Booted from media and fsck the drive. Couple of numbers didn't align. Let it fix them. re-booted just fine. badblock showed no errors. No idea what caused it all. Boom went the afternoon.

Now my TAB key keeps on activating itself. Time to take apart the keyboard. Bad week for hardware. I blame it all on cat hair.

Been playing with a static site on a . Setup was pretty straight forward and well documented (flay.com/). Now I want to put additional services online. My own server for instance. Ideally in the same node as nothing is using much in the way of resources so far. Linode offers Kubernetes with Docker etc. The way to go? Suggestions? This is where I've not gone before.

Manjaro gave me a notification this morning.

It want to upgrade "downgrade" ;-0.

Anybody else have issues with ?

It's a POS on my (otherwise dead stable) KDE boxes. Always pooping itself.


Just checking to see if linking a blog post here... works. Carry on.


Hmm, no preview. I wonder how that works...

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