7/14 days in a cone. Stanley is done with this %&#$.

Stanley picked up after cataract surgery. Still heavily medicated. Not so cheerful today!

Really loving on my devices. So much blocked now, even on AOSP (settings panel called out to Google?). Is there anything as simple and, dare I say "fun", for desktop Linux (preferably Arch) that anybody could recommend?

That's what over thirty kilometres of tripping about on an electric scooter costs. 4¢.

Been off for a bit doing AV work. Lots of Linux, streaming and noodling about with tech. Now taking a break and enjoying springtime here in Vancouver. Also: Electric scooter. Lovely way to get about! (re)

Hey minds, I have a project. A friend with disabilities has problems helping me operate the OBS streaming box. Keyboard function keys are a no-go. Ideally I'd like BIG BUTTONS. Think the big red buttons popular in office supply ads. Ideally four USB connected units. Thought of perhaps sourcing a set of USB drum pads then (somehow) triggering function keys. Any ideas? Linux based.

Let's celebrate decentralised social media with... sad dog photos?

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Well, has been fun. If you run it on the server you can SSH in from anywhere to make a post. Functional. But I'm finding I need a proper gallery I can upload images on the fly to, and possibly more.

Looking at a CMS or wedging in a photo gallery. To do it right I know to start writing my own, but the last time I got stuck into , I ended up wandering off after a passing butterfly...


Yes, I know it is not Saturday. Call it a protest regarding .

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Wrote a quick "how to update a rolling release" post. Lessons learned the hard way with . Always up for constructive feedback:


Anybody up on their smartplugs?

I have a heater in my office I'd like to turn on from home. Don't care if I have to SSH into it to do so (or something like that). No android/apple devices in the house so I'm curious as to how I'd manage it. A timer would work but I don't come in every day (and don't want to waste power).

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