On the bright side I got to let off a extinguisher. The offender has been banned from anything fire related. Forever.

Another live stream finished last night. Opening ceremonies of the Middle East and North African (MENA) film festival. Lovely bunch to work with.


Happy from Willy, my partner in computing. We've been together so much he's started to groom me. Raspy tongued devil.

Working with a band's footage trying multi-cam . I'd normally attempt this in but they want to participate so we're trying to find a multi-platform open source solution. One just cues up the sources and presses play, switching each source as you would a live stream in . Any suggestions? Off surfing I go!

Anybody heavily into ? I've been trying to "liven" up some static cameras as we're trying to cut down on crew at the moment (the thing). Ideally we'd handheld shoot a tracking marker for a few minutes, track it, then apply the motion as a loop to the incoming static NDI footage. Can't seem to find any turnkey way to manage this and have started looking at the API. Just don't want to re-invent the wheel...


Studio mate shipped out, so I moved Stanley's chair back in. Can you tell he was raised by cats?


Starts 12 minutes in.

We did our first internal big show last night. Four bands from a wide mix of genres. Went well considering our lack of experience and the COVID measures (two doctors policing our movements).

Put it together with Birddog NDI encoders, OBS, two Manjaro boxes and few Panasonic cameras. Sound off the PA's feed through a Presonus device.

We've all agreed to look for an alternative to Youtube for next time!

Ubuntu Studio 20.10, OBS Snap, one NDI feed. 56% CPU usage.

Manjaro , OBS, one NDI feed. 16% CPU usage.

Added the other feeds then graphic elements and Ubuntu Studio/OBS Snap topped out. Same on Manjaro didn't break 40%.

The grass was not greener.

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Study shows which messengers leak your data, drain your battery, and more

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Recommendation for anyone who uses any social media: turn off notifications.

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Hands down the best example of what #peertube can become:)

If you haven't discovered it yet, visit tilvids.com, an edutainment peertube instance which also includes exclusive content not available on YT;)



#tilvid.com #privacy #education #notforsale #smartyflix

@paleobiologist posted their first laptop. Here's mine. A Tandy 102 'portable workstation'. Aquired in the early '90s, it saw a lot of coffee shop action writing content for my first website. Up to 30 hours on AA batteries, the model was reportedly used by reporters in warzones sending in stories via the internal 300 baud modem. Willy is uninpressed.

I will always check release notes before a kernel update. I will always check release notes before a kernel update. I will always check release notes....

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🐘 If you tried Mastodon and you "got bored" quickly, you were using it wrong.

Here's how to fix it: cfenollosa.com/blog/you-may-be

Poor Willy's first hour in his new apartment. Much of it screaming WTF!? It'll be OK buddy...

Low tech mask stretcher. Somebody has a big head.

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