Hi folks, I ask for your help testing our current development version, in order to get PHP 8.1 compatible. Would you mind supporting us there? Thank you very, very much!

Hello happy Coders at 🤓, we're a friendly (and not-so-new) project. Our hearts ❤️ belong to , our flat-file PHP blogging engine.
Maybe you want to take a look at us and even help us fixing our open issues, testing our upcoming new Admin Area branch or just being around on the forum helping our users?
Every support is appreciated, feel free to contact us! Thank you very much! 🙂

🤨 "Isn't this just another blog engine?"
😍 "Nope. In fact, it's 15 years full of effort with all our heart and soul."

✨ Happy 15th birthday, ! ✨


Hello Mastodon world! This is , a neat flatfile blogging engine. FlatPress is around for almost 15 years now, but this is our first appearance here.
So hi alltogether, good to be here!


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