Did you know you can easily try without having to install it? Just visit our demo, kindly hosted at Softaculous!

Hi folks, I ask for your help testing our current development version, in order to get PHP 8.1 compatible. Would you mind supporting us there? Thank you very, very much!

Finally, the cool plugin found its way into the standard distribution! 😀
Also, say "hi" to the new Gallery captions plugin: forum.flatpress.org/viewtopic.

Check out the new version 1.1 of the GPX Viewer plugin for ! It displays uploaded GPS tracks, and now you can easily change the default base map.

Ever wondered how stores your blog entries internally? 🤔
Our knowledge wiki 📚🤓 has the details! wiki.flatpress.org/doc:tech:fi

Minor change to the wiki wiki.flatpress.org: When editing a page, the summary is now mandatory. Thanks for suggesting this, Robert!

User bttr reported that the registration page on the wiki wiki.flatpress.org was broken. Fixed it - thank you very much!

We're still wondering if should become the standard gallery plugin for . What do YOU think? forum.flatpress.org/viewtopic.

How cool is this, German web hosting provider ALL-INKL.COM added to its one-click software installer: all-inkl.com/webhosting/softwa 🤩

We're very proud that our neat little blog engine is the blog widget in German hosting provider STRATO's widely used website building tool:

If your web hoster switches from PHP 7 to , please make sure to have the latest version installed.
Also, don't forget to fetch the latest versions of 3rd party plugins. For example, "Mobile" needs to be updated to 1.0.2 to run with PHP 8: wiki.flatpress.org/res:plugins
GPX Viewer needs an update as well: wiki.flatpress.org/res:plugins

Found more plugins that cause trouble with PHP 8? We'll find a solution, just let us know on the support forum: forum.flatpress.org/

Oh, and did you see our poll yet? Detlef asked if should be the new default gallery plugin for : forum.flatpress.org/viewtopic.

Oldie, but goldie: Check out the blog activity graph for by
Igor Kromin - this would also make a great plugin!

Had some ugly error 500 on the support forum today. In fact, it was more of an error 40 (problem sits 40 centimeters from the screen) ... 🙄

It's fixed now, sorry for any inconveniences!

Hello happy Coders at 🤓, we're a friendly (and not-so-new) project. Our hearts ❤️ belong to , our flat-file PHP blogging engine.
Maybe you want to take a look at us and even help us fixing our open issues, testing our upcoming new Admin Area branch or just being around on the forum helping our users?
Every support is appreciated, feel free to contact us! Thank you very much! 🙂

Hey community, we started a poll on the support forum: Should we change the default image popup plugin?
Let us know what YOU think! 👍👎

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