Hello Mastodon world! This is , a neat flatfile blogging engine. FlatPress is around for almost 15 years now, but this is our first appearance here.
So hi alltogether, good to be here!

@flatpress Hi there. I just discovered Flatpress yesterday. 15 years in the making, very impressive to see its still alive. I hope to learn a lot. Is it possible to enhance or add to its wysiwyg. Perhaps replace it in the code somehow with ckedit?

@owen Hi, welcome to FlatPress :)
I never tried it myself, but there are (old) TinyMCE integrations: wiki.flatpress.org/res:plugins
Let me know if that still works!
All the best, Arvid


@owen Or, if you'd like to have it cutting-edge, try out the upcoming FlatPress admin interface with SCEditor: github.com/flatpressblog/flatp
(If you do so, feel free to share your experiences on the support forum: forum.flatpress.org/viewtopic. )

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