🤨 "Isn't this just another blog engine?"
😍 "Nope. In fact, it's 15 years full of effort with all our heart and soul."

✨ Happy 15th birthday, ! ✨

@flatpress What does flatpress do differently then some static site generator like hugo?

@jason123santa It's not static ;) More in detail: FlatPress does not generate static HTML you upload to your server. Instead, it's a web CMS, i.e. a PHP application on your server. Running on flat files instead of a database increases performance and simplifies system requirements, installation, backup and maintenance. (Wordpressers may doubt that :P)

@flatpress So its Wordpress but without a database. I would try this out if it could be used with github pages but there is no support for php.
This is a cool concept to using no database. Makes it much easier to setup then Wordpress.

@jason123santa "like Wordpress" - ya, kind of, see the FAQ: ;)

You can get it running quickly on any *AMP stack, e.g. XAMPP does the trick.

Running on PHP but without SQL makes it super easy to operate at any shared hosting provider, which is perfect for our main target users with their private and small business sites. (If you need multi-user engine with redactional workflows, you'd better use a system from the Wordpress league.)

@flatpress I see what the difference is.
My website used to use some shared cpanel host but I switched to github pages since its better for my use. So all my websites need to be made with a static site generator.

@jason123santa That's a pity, you might have liked FlatPress :)
(In fact, cPanel has FlatPress in its Softacolous one-click installer.)

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