Has anyone ever been in a diversity training seminar and asked the presenter “as a white person, what is wrong with my culture?” Were supposed to be accepting and inclusive, and we should! And I’m not talking about past grievances. I’m talking about culture. What about the things I value are wrong? 🤔. I’d genuinely like to know.

Essential workers? I am literally the guy building the servers for government sponsored Covid tracking/testing. Nobody makes a meme where the IT guy is a hero on the front lines. Sheesh :D

Nextcloud near to doubled bookings in 2020, invests in expanding for 2021

Nextcloud closed 2020 with record numbers, increased its growth rate, nearly doubled order intake, increased its customer base by over 50%, and is expanding the team quickly to handle the growing demand. Continued innovation with a strong focus on meeting the real-life needs of modern organizations during the move to remote … Continued

nextcloud.com/blog/nextcloud-n libranet.de/objects/0b6b25a8b1

Hey guys! I am a computer engineer from Norway. Currently living in Oslo and working for a hosting company. Outside work, I run a lot. Currently chasing sub 32 on 10k, so please feel free to poke me about running training.

I also just got a HP gen 9 in the datacenter, and I am in the process of moving my self hosted projects to the datacenter server. You can read about my latest project here: blog.fyksen.me/self-hosted-con

Decided to add a pull, just for fun. What should we speak about?

This is very touching question for me.

Besides playing with *nix stuff, learning languages, it also should be writing.

writing is a form of expressing. expression is healing, helping the integrity of one’s personality.

The *nix and FOSS world provide me the physical premise of this integrity and freedom (as in information and spirituality).

Languages provide me the transport of this integrity.

Bow it’s time to express my thoughts and understanding of myself and the world.

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My discrete math teacher is actually using Linux and its actively trashing my classmates using windows. I have never been happier during a class

@iah im getting regular messages when my friends and colleagues have joined signal. but when i try to message them, none are actually online or maybe deleted the app. It is kinda hopeless at the moment. good for you if u r getting ppl to be active in signal

@vinod i know the exact feeling. I tried to convince the most important peeps over to Signal and re-created a WhatsApp drop-out group :)

WhatsApp finally deleted. I had to leave some active groups for work. But what are one going to do. I am finally free from Facebook.

What sci-fi prediction are you very confident about in the next 50 years?

That is, if you brought up the idea today, people would say it's sci-fi, but you have high confidence it will become a reality.

Hot take: TikTok is far more disturbing than the "dark web"

I found a couple of routers that have 2.4 and 5GHz bands after dumpster diving a few days.

What free software OS should I install on them to liberate them completely? DD-WRT, OpenWRT?

I have no idea about their specs or manufacture year - hey they were free.

Every morning I check the Discover section and am blown away by how talented people are.

Seeing photos from around the world is also pretty neat!


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