Yes, I have another new alt account, this is my 1st post here. My main acct is @thedonnerd. When things go down for a bit, it's very nice to have somewhere else to land. Thanks @Leyonhjelm for letting me sign up. 😊🎉🎈

As most of you already know, Matrix is a decentralised means of communication.
Most people register on, which is great, but defies the point of decentralisation.
To remedy this, try to register on another server. I am on, which is absolutely great! Highly recommended!


Yep, we can proudly announce the Codeberg Pages Server v2, now available to the public.

It comes with custom domains (!), serving from your different branches, repos and more.

Check it out at 💙

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Hello there! This is Marco. Just popped in. Thank you for the quick acceptance! I‘m not new to the fediverse, but was looking for some more LGBT friendly tech folks to hang out with specifically as well. So I found this instance. Waving from beautiful Hamburg in Germany.

Hi Fedi! :ablobcatattention:

Apple's concession to Right to Repaire is a fucking joke. Thats all I have to say.

Bye Fedi! :ablobcatattentionreverse:

You wouldn't do that, would you Fedi? I mean NFTs are legit, arent they?

Android 10 is coming to the six-year-old Fairphone 2 - And the Fairphone 3 is getting Android 11


Our 6-yr-old Fairphone 2 is being upgraded to Android 10. That’s 7 years of software support! An industry first for an Android device! 🙌 Together with the open source community we built the operating system. Proving it is possible to put sustainability at the heart of tech. 🌿


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