I'm beginning to think T-mobile is treating me like a second class citizen because Im using a Pinephone. I will randomly get kicked off the network and will have to reboot my phone to access the internet again. Then after reboot T-mobile makes me wait about 15-20 minutes before it grants me access again, and then at any moment it could do it all over again. This is hoping none of the Pinephone software crashes during a session, which happens all the time 🤦‍♂️

Former Obama Ambassador to Russia, fanatical Russiagater, and current Stanford Professor @McFaul responds to an anonymous critic in DMs by boasting what a lavish and wealthy life he leads and how he has adoring fans around the world:

I came across this super useful tool from Mozilla that helps configure SSL for most modern server software. 😁 https://ssl-config.mozilla.org/

I logged into my old Something Awful account today and discovered that a couple of months ago, someone replied to a PM I'd sent them in 2005.

Wondering how long I should wait for the next reply now. Maybe I should leave instructions in my will.

Let’s not forget that our real enemy is big tech companies and not random Fediverse users.

@Linux4Everyone Install KDE on PopOS and according to KDE's naming scheme, you just got yourself the ultimate Linux distro...

K-Pop OS :blobfoxfingerguns:

Thanks for your suggestion ladies and gents and i think i have an exhaustive list of movies for the remainder of this year or at least for the next 3 months. 😄

Recently Watched with the kids:
-The Karate Kid (original 1984 version)
-Citizen Kane
-The Natural (w/ Robert Redford)
-The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
-Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (w/ Gary Cooper)
-The Rocketeer
-Yankee Doodle Dandy
-Asterix: The Mansions of the Gods
-Keep 'Em Flying (Abbott & Costello)

And without the kids I watched:
-The Horse's Mouth

Suggest me some movies fedi! What has been your favourite movies this year, or the ones you have watched this year?

DHL sent ALL PinePhones to New Zealand instead of their actual destinations. How this happened is beyond us. This is a massive blunder on their part, but ultimately we're the one that gets to apologize to you - very sorry about this. It will take a week to sort this situation out.

@realcaseyrollins It already overtook twitter. There are only about a dozen humans still posting to twitter, the rest are bots.

The only conclusion to draw is that freedom is a very elaborate carrot, and that as long as people chase it, they're willing to let themselves be ruled for the promise of a time when they wouldn't be.

Last year doing dances as “heroes” on Tik Tok, this year get fired by their employer

‣ Imagine a world where companies only want to offer the best for their users, and not their investors.
‣ Imagine a world where everyone can freely use services, and freely donate to them as they see fit.
‣ Imagine a world where users can directly raise their opinions and proposals, even vote about them.
‣ Imagine a world without unnecessary data collection.
‣ Imagine a world where platforms are fully owned and operated by their users.

Sounds utopian? A first step into this world is using #Codeberg

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