@Orakel @PussySlayer I guess it's a market competition problem. A not generating nude deepfakes means less OnlyFans customers.

🎉 Thank you to everybody who voted for #Nextcloud in the @cloudinsiderde award 2020! We are proud that we got first place 🥇

We appreciate your support and thank you for your trust! 🙇 🤗💝


I've lost count at how many I've used. Consumer, industrial, minicomputer, mainframe, high concept to complete toy. Pre-release, beta, half broken dev builds. I've cut my teeth on so many UNIXes and Linuxes they all look the same.

So, what's the best?

The one you have, and the one that feels like home.

There is no ultimate OS. Prefer to crack code on bog standard Windows? That's cool. MacOS? Sure, if that works for you. I don't care if you're on a mean and lean Arch build, a Haiku Alpha, or some patched monstrosity running in a VM on top of Qubes.

Your home isn't my home, and shouldn't be.

That's what makes it beautiful.

Most achievements in my life are nothing compared to giving solace to a formerly abused senior kitty. Once she would only approach me at night, with the lights off, diagonally, while I was laying down, from behind. Now she headbutts my leg and flops over for belly rubs

@normandc the final recommendation is basically to add user profiles, direct messages, and content sharing to the ABC website, which is not so ridiculous, but they apparently did not understand that mastodon is FOSS and is ready to be deployed.

Really, how can this think tank be so out of it. The alternative is already here... Funding the 's existing projects would cost a fraction of reinventing the wheel from scratch yet again. And maybe fund a project to help people self-host their own instances...

There are 4 million of us, not a too shabby number, yet it's as if we don't exist. 🙄


I love and promote FOSS, I dedicated thousands of hours of my free time over almost a decade to support a FOSS project. I understand better than many that many of these projects are held together by so very few people.

Still, this English-centric thing that keeps happening again and again really, really gets to me. 😑

BTW I know they could have used the PDF directly... They asked for EPS files and I figured arguing with them PDF is already a vector format would have been a waste of time.


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We are happy to announce that our #factory image got approved for #production! Almost half of the batch got #preordered already. So what are you waiting for? Get your #PinePhone by @thepine64 with @ManjaroLinuxARM on it now! Shop: pine64.com/product-category/pi

Original tweet : twitter.com/ManjaroLinux/statu

An image from one of my favorite movies had me cracking up at this meme.

CAPTCHA is a reverse Turing test where a human has to prove they're not a robot to a robot.

Explain to someone to properly use GPG who claims to be a hacker, they go on a rant to realize they are wrong. Then block you. Fucking LARP's all over.

Seriously using gpg and encrypted messages implies you have the other person's public key or it would not encrypt you wannabe. If you understand software then discuss it properly, if you do not continue to larp. Pleb.

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It baffles me how many in this space do not use encryption for email, messaging, or comms in general. I find that confusing. Privacy is important if you are not worried about your own, do not compromise others for your lack of it. #FrensDontLetFrensNotEncrypt.

Just got woken up with a phone call. Look, I love that you are being curious and exploring software at this hour. I am not a fan of being called because you found a 0-day. I would prefer that you simply message me on Signal and let me sleep. Love my friends, but hate them too. 🧪

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