I am forced by my studies to use proprietary software.

I went to my director after sending him a long letter, and I told him that I didn't want a MS account, and other shitty stuff like that.
I also told him that I was very careful about my privacy online, and that I was using Linux at home to avoid using tech giants, which are also ruining our environment and forcing children to work (in cobalt mines for example).

But he told me I didn't have a choice.


Thanks for all the warm welcomes, y'all! What the hell have I been doing on twitter instead of hanging here? I'll dig in soon to try and figure this place out. In the meantime, check out Pfizer's latest native ad, courtesy of CBS, shitting all over J&J and Moderna: youtu.be/BmMq_dShxiU

@adam @Johncdvorak

What a horrific saga. 😨

If you've ever wondered what some people are willing to do to cover up their despicable crimes, and then to obstruct justice...

And no surprise that the story was quashed by the BBC.

The Basic Case of Hollie Greig


Also note the many people hiding behind the "cloak of authority" on the page "The list of the paedophile ring so far". 🤬

I don't follow the meta too closely but remeber that if you're unhappy with #mastodon, support alternative #ActivityPub services like #friendica, #aardwolf, and others 👍 a diverse fediverse is a strong fediverse


@garritfra it's not exactly linux related but the Mozilla foundation IRL podcasts are of amazing quality

@codeHaiku I use Linode. Only cause the tutorial I saw was using it. Then I started playing around with the settings and thought... might as well keep it.

> Why Open-Source?
> Would you buy a meal if the restaurant refused to tell you the ingredients? Would you buy a car if you weren’t allowed to look under the hood?


Another win for pihole: My wife has been playing this phone game where you have 30 seconds to make a list of things that fit a given category and you compete with other players. Apparently our pihole not only blocks the game's ads but also freezes the timer giving unlimited time!

Podcast app developers, you have a stable home at podcastindex.org with an open api and index of over 3 million podcasts.

@flamingkeys @garritfra I've just seen the License file in the git repository


And I don't see anything different to a copy of AGPL License. In fact I see 1.5k forks of the project so I don't think there would be a legal issue about forking.

What it would be happen it's that Signal decide to change the license to other more permissive or even proprietary one because they own the copyright and they could but forks can be AGPL.

I'm not a lawyer I just read a lot :P

@flamingkeys As Signal's server software is no longer open this is now an assumption. There could be backdoors now present compared to the last public commit, for example. Audits may improve confidence but until then we'll have to take their word for it.


@fatboy They've been getting a lot of bots recently, i did get a random person messaging me about adult content

@flamingkeys Yup. I'm just starting to mess things up with Python and doing typos with GNU+Linux & OpenBSD shell scripting and so on. If I were an enterprise, I'll put a restraining order so I won't touch any data. :blobmiou:

@garritfra if you don't conenct to their server, then you'll be fine.
Also don't use "signal" as part of the app name.

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