We are planning to have a release of our next stable version 🎉 , so it would be amazing if we can have some of the translations completed.

Some of the languages that need some extra love are (in no specific order):
Swedish 🇸🇪 , Greek 🇬🇷 , Georgian 🇬🇪 , Norwegian 🇳🇴 , Czech 🇨🇿 , Indonesian 🇮🇩 , and Spanish 🇪🇸

The translation can be easily done in the following website and you don't need to know any programming to contribute to Flameshot:

Boosting is appreciated.

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@marathon Even our old versions work on Wayland, but of course there is always room for improvement. You can see all wayland-related open issues on our GitHub:

We have ironed out many Wayland compatibility issues and we will keep working on solving the current issues.

Flameshot is a Libre and OpenSource community-driven software, so in case you want to get your hands dirty and have few minutes to spare, any contribution is most welcome 🤗

Sorry to bother yet again. Is the Flatpak of the game an official package?

@marathon I don’t understand what you mean by the “game”. Flameshot is a screenshot and annotation tool.

We officially provide the .deb and .rpm in addition to Snap, Flatpak and AppImage all of which are accessible through our release page. The Snap in the snapcraft, Flatpak in the Flathub, and flameshot-git AUR is also maintained by us.

Okay thanks. Yeah don't know why I mentioned game (senior moment).

After installing the flatpak ver of your game, it doesn't seem to launch. I'll run from a term and file a bug if necessary.

@marathon Any bug report can potentially help us address one more issue and make Flameshot a better tool and therefore make thousands of people’s lives one tiny bit easier. 🦾

Actually I looked deeper. Nothing wrong with your flatpak or app!

It's my distribution Gnome, and the way it handles 'tray icons'. Flameshot was running fine, Gnome vanilla, doesn't display the icon in the header bar.

@flameshot Oh mamma, I've been looking for an cross-platform ShareX alternative \o/

There is some issue with writing RTL text. Please work on it before the release.

@ahangarha there were some issues that was fixed in two separate PRs. I personally have checked Persian and I didn’t see any issues. Make sure you to test artifacts from master or compile from source or update the AUR (which compiles from source).

If you see any issues or have some suggestions, we will be glad to know it and try to fix it 🤗

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