Does anyone have a PDF file that uses Adobe-KR-9 at at hand?

Cantor, the application that lets you use your favorite mathematical programming language in a friendly worksheet interface, has just released version 20.08. You can now collapse, uncollapse, and remove all results from the worksheet commands processing; use more image formats and plotting packages with the Python, Octave and Julia backends; navigate in folders and files from inside Cantor thanks to the new panel file browser; and much more.

Read all about it here:

Take a look at the #Akademy2020 program and mark your calendars for all of the great talks we have in store!
Don’t forget to register too!

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Googleads is misleading people searching for #Kdenlive. Please help retweet (if you are on twitter) to stop this.

If you wish to contribute for a Python-based multiagent systems framework, give a look in PADE and its current open issues.

The new version of Cantor, the KDE app for mathematical, statistical and scientific calculation and analysis, now lets you collapse cells, select multiple cells, and operate on all of them at once, among many other improvements.

Looking for an instance to meet FLOSS people but not restricted to English-only posts. Any tip? Is the best place for what I am looking for?

"If you have deployed the latest iteration of Nextcloud, then you have an outstanding (nearly) drop-in replacement for Google Drive/Docs and Office 365." How to connect ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors to your #Nextcloud server answers -

Mapeamento inédito revela que 65% das universidades públicas e secretarias estaduais de educação estão expostas ao chamado 'capitalismo de vigilância'. Movimento expande por conta do


We need an ActivityPub-based social network application integrated in a RSS feed reader only for notice sharing, like Google Reader was in the past. That would be amazing!

Comprar ou não comprar um apto, esta é a questão

A glr leva sério esse negócio de rede social heim.

A única maneira de garantir privacidade na comunicação é criptografar tudo com chaves assimétricas. Qualquer coisa que não tenha isso, é texto plano simples para ser lido por qualquer um com acesso.

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Pessoal com medo dos admins do Mastodon chafurdando nas DMs descriptografadas: o mesmo vale para os servidores em que vcs hospedam seus e-mails.

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