@ProtonCalendar sent out an email to every @protonmail user today. Calendar is now available for everyone. It still has no ability to export as ics. smh.

I'm liking MKBHD's new antitrust videos. He should do more non-review stuff.

What servers are people using to host their Gemini capsules? I've been using Jetforce, but I discovered it's not actually open-source (just source-available), which is unfortunate because it was quite easy to set up and Dockerize. Thoughts?

@ProtonCalendar It's possible I can cook some hack up with the new "Share outside Proton" feature...

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Yet another update to @ProtonCalendar without an export feature...

Trying to replace a hybrid modem + router from xFinity/Comcast with something more FOSS and under my control. Anybody know anything about this?

I like the hybrid design, but I'm not aware of any open-source projects that support it.

Actually taking a look at the roadmap (neovim.io/roadmap/) and milestone (github.com/neovim/neovim/miles), seems like release is imminent. 97% complete and only 14 days over schedule.

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Thinking about moving to Neovim nightly... As I continue my journey into become a dark vim wizard, I'm unsure if I will be patient enough to wait for all the cool stuff coming in 0.5.0...

Might just up and move to Terminal.app. Seriously the only terminal emulator I can find that supports ligatures, Unicode, and bidirectional text. Smh.

Amfora is by far the best Gemini browser. I tried out Lagrange for a GUI experience, but something about using it was depressing. Props to @makeworld for creating something so great to use.

I kind of like three-character hints over the usual two w/ Vimium and Vimari. Harder to make mistakes, feels more fun as well. Huh.

I've had to move to Safari (Chromium causing segfaults on Big Sur for some reason), and it's not a terrible experience.

The aesthetic is infinitely better than Chromium, obviously much more Mac native. Also just generally faster.

Extension ecosystem is lacking however. Missing fairly critical stuff like a PrivacyRedirect port, cookie management, etc. Hoping the ecosystem improves over time (that or the bug in macOS/Chromium gets fixed).

Nemawashi is a good word, and a useful practice.

With Gemini and Mastodon (et al), the best thing you can do to help spread their adoption is create interesting content.

Is there a FOSS printer OS? i.e. OpenWRT/pfsense but for printers instead of routers.

For both use cases you could set something up with any given distro, but am generally looking for something more specialized.

*object oriented programming intensifies*

For the past week or so, my computer has been crashing with a kernel panic all the time. Moved to Safari from Chrome and it stopped, but returned to day (crashed 3 times). Each time, the screen goes black and the fans ramp up quickly before going silent again. I remember reading an article somewhere about the "sigh/puff of death" on Big Sur, but can't find it anymore.

Holy fuck please help.

Taking a break from my main work rn to destress, decided to make more icons for Tofu (github.com/calleluks/Tofu). Using Inkscape to edit and export svgs, and it's honestly a pretty great experience. Was scared coming from a (def not pirated copy of) Sketch that it was going to be lacking and difficult to use. Nope.

lol correct me if i'm wrong but... gdscript async isn't colored. just saying.

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