i've encountered this complaint for the first time in building a reusable library for eventual incorporation in a swiftui app.

building in swiftui has its rough spots, but it's the intended use from apple so it's at least got some docs.

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swift is a cool language i wish apple made it better to use generically

"There is no advantage of retrospective assassination funding compared to prospective assassination funding."

"We can make things better by making better things. Thanks for making a ruckus."

Seth Godin (seths.blog)


Erik's comments on the state of scientific academia really resonated with me. I think we've seen the same decline in the tech industry with the death of NeXT, Bell Labs, and other "pure innovation" companies coming up with revolutionary ideas to be adapted for profit later.

think of the sheer amount of domain knowledge you need to understand these

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funny internet conversation 

Q: I love the flame effect! I would be verrrry interested to know how it works.
A: its just a cpu particle looping sprite sheet made in a blender simulation. no magic ;)


> Tesla is no longer the world's largest EV producer... Chinese automaker BYD... sold 638,157 electric or plug-in hybrid passenger vehicles in the first six months of 2022... [while] Tesla, on the other hand, delivered a total of 564,743 vehicles.

Apples to oranges, and Axios knows it. Tesla doesn't sell plug-in hybrids, so comparing BYD's combined numbers like that is disingenuous.

setting up a 3d printer fleet. currently have two octofarm instances connected to a printer each (both lulzbot) running via docker. cameras + printer control + everything working just fine.

octofarm also runs over docker. all healthchecks give the green light.

attempt to connect to printers: "Connection attempt was successful!"

still says printer status is disconnected.

fuck off.

talking to a five year old 

"i had a hard day"

"oh yeah?"

"they're all hard days"


i posted herman's last post too - definitely one of my favorite blogs. i kept a journal for much of 2021, but fell off around december. perhaps i'll dive back in.

i wish installing alpine on a pi wasn't a pain in the dick

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🌊 Get your torrents served up fresh on the command line with Mabel, the fancy BitTorrent client for the terminal! Mabel is a very slick Bubble Tea torrent client that supports theming and mini mode. Be sure to check it out, and keep seeding ✌️


And now, a sigh of relief.

In just over 24 hours, we've managed 233 stars on GitHub, 80 points on Hacker News (peaked at #18), and 24 on Lobsters (peaked at #2).

Back to the mines we go!

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note to self: disable noprocrast on hacker news on launch day.

currently locked out for another 75 minutes, unable to respond to comments.


The software collaborative I co-founded, SMMR Software (smmr.software), just released our latest project:

Mabel, a fancy BitTorrent client for the terminal.


Check it out!

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