And... rejected! For a bug I can't reproduce. Hooray.

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My latest macOS app has been "In Review" for 18 hours now

I've got an incredibly long flight tomorrow – lining up offline things to do (i.e. downloading articles, books, and documentation). I regret watching Loki and America: The Motion Picture – would have been good to watch on the plane.

spotifyd and spotify-tui make an epic combo. on my linux machine, they work flawlessly. on my mac it is considerably less flawless.

My laptop keyboard has broken. I can’t log in to the computer. Fuck.

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"You have violated the GPL for the last time!"

[War declared]

I took the bait. I’m running NeoVim 0.5.

It's been a while since I've had to program in Javascript. I forgot how despicable it is. This sucks.

I've been using Safari on macOS Monterey because I love the new design. Decided to work on developing some extensions to help jumpstart the ecosystem.

If only Apple didn't decide to half-support half of the standard APIs.

@ProtonCalendar sent out an email to every @protonmail user today. Calendar is now available for everyone. It still has no ability to export as ics. smh.

I'm liking MKBHD's new antitrust videos. He should do more non-review stuff.

What servers are people using to host their Gemini capsules? I've been using Jetforce, but I discovered it's not actually open-source (just source-available), which is unfortunate because it was quite easy to set up and Dockerize. Thoughts?

@ProtonCalendar It's possible I can cook some hack up with the new "Share outside Proton" feature...

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