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Soon. The last kilometers and I did to by bike and that will be the time to find out another destination. Was thinking to continue toward 2 destinations but I'm undecided.

Does anybody has some good password dictionaries for bruteforce?

I guess real social interactions are pretty rare in this kind of society.

I can't believe none of my friends where here to help me for a few bucks. The one who did was someone I don't even know IRL from the Fediverse.

That's only a matter of day until I catch you, boat over there!

They should do a kind of shelter but for hackers only.

Awaiting for to accept this transaction to go to with the boat and buying a new air chamber for my flat tire...

After this camp 11 or rather camp 0 should I said. I finally arrived at the library where I'm awaiting the opening at 8 and will be sharing the picture of the last day. 🇩🇰

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Plasma 5 is five 🎉! In these five years, hundreds of people have contributed their time and knowledge to make the Plasma desktop what it is today. Happy birthday, Plasma 🎂!

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@feynman hey, I’m sure you’re probably already well equipped for this, but I found this awesome video while transferring my blog around. Thought you might enjoy as part of your “experiment”

So today I gonna make my Website with Hugo and trying to make an integration with Mastodon to see my toots.

And the worst has arrived...
My tire is flat and a will need to change it. (Hole into the air chamber)

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