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Predator drone flying over Minneapolis.

It was, of course, only a matter of time before we saw these deployed against US citizens.

And then just like that... “You ain’t black” is gone.

Power has become invincible, and rests no longer on the higher national foundations of anointed right, election, or representation, but on violence alone.
-- Leo Tolstoy

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REALLLLLLY and / ?!?!?!???? REALLY?!?! I’m one of 75 people ON SITE, working myself to the bone to produce a livestream, paying $1,000 for RTMP feeds of cameras for our own content and you do this?!?! UNACCEPTABLE!!!!


This video shows a suspicious man breaking windows to start the rioting and looting. Suspected to LEO but not confirmed.

Loud Yelling

This was whole the group that was protecting the tobacco store during the rioters.
There is a picture of only the two guys on the left, being used to try and divide from both sides, either trying to imply that black people were the looters, or that these men were just armed racists.
Don't let the media divide us, don't believe it when the demonize one side or the other.

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