Swapping out my Prusa's hotend for an E3D Revo Six.

Excited about that upgrade, as it lets me swap nozzles super quickly.

Top notch instructions from E3D, as usual.

Which Prusa do you have? Is it worth the price, do you think?

Really wanting to get into a relatively hassle-free 3D printer


Latest model, the Prusa MK3S+.

It's certainly more expensive than an anycubic or Creality printer, but it's hard to compare them:

Everything Prusa releases is open-source hardware and once you start sourcing the same quality parts yourself, you'll quickly realize how things start to add up.

Certainly the most reliable and hassle-free 3D printer I've worked with, so far.


So, in short, yes, if you can afford one, you certainly won't regret getting a Prusa and you're also supporting a company with the right values.

@wneessen @fribbledom
Thanks guys. I need to save up for one. I'll probably go for the pre-assembled

@RL_Dane @wneessen

If you want it to "just work", then yeah, that's the easiest way to go.

You can however save some money and learn a ton about 3D printers and the Prusa in particular if you go with the assembly kit.

No soldering required, comes with all the tools you need. Excellent manual, basically an advanced Lego kit 😉


@fribbledom @RL_Dane you'll also learn a lot of valuable things about how to fix and modify the printer when the time comes by going with the kit.

@fedops @fribbledom @wneessen

Hmm, definitely worth considering. How hard would it be for a single person with limited arm strength (e.g., minor disability) to put together?

@RL_Dane @fedops @wneessen

I don't think strength is really required, the most "difficult" part for me honestly was clean cable routing towards the end of the build.

@fribbledom @RL_Dane @wneessen yes, agreed. I think it's perfectly doable if you can work methodically and take your time.

@fedops @RL_Dane @wneessen

Also, all the assembly manuals are online and translated in various languages - and they're so well written!

Check out one of the first chapters to get an idea:


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