Been thinking about the challenger accident recently, largely because of this song:

I'm worried Blue Origin is going to experience a similar situation. Don't get me wrong, humanity has been launching people up there for a long time and we've learnt a lot, but something about Bezos' personality makes me think he's not got his eye as much on the ball as Musk (and other non-famous space-billionaires).

Just my thought of the day, maybe it's just me though.


Making fun of a potential accident 

@pswilde I kind of hate to say it, but if Blue Origin were to disintegrate Captain Kirk on his first (and last) actual "space" [1] journey -- well, let's just say that'd be the mother of all fails.

[1] to me that's not actually space but wtf.

Making fun of a potential accident 

@fedops this too, went through my mind 馃ぃ

It actually really scares me.

The song (OP link) makes me particularly emotional for some reason, pulls on the old heart strings and stuff

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