Nice round trip through the Hautes Fagnes and down to the Salm valley today. Finished off with frites andalouse and a proper brew.

Capitalism seems to be the quickest, most efficient way to discover hard limits in any given system while also increasing the depths of human suffering.

Unfettered growth, unfettered consequences.

2493. Dual USB-C 

title text: Small devices use two-prong USB-AC, but there's also a three-prong version with a USB-B plug as the ground.


For years I've been giving the TL;DR on this.

#E2E encryption such as offered by #XMPP's #OMEMO, #Signal, #Whatsapp, etc, provides no protection at all to someone who doesn't practice proper #infosec (and more generally, #opsec) hygiene.

If there's the remotest of chances that something you say might land someone in trouble, don't write it or say it anywhere near an electronic device.


#Pegasus: The new global weapon for silencing #journalists β€’ Forbidden Stories

Its been 6 years since I left IT for engineering, and I haven't pulled a long Saturday in the server room since. Today we rebuilt the server and comms room after the panic evacuation for the flood on Thursday. The room didn't get flooded which is good, but yanking 150 servers and switches in panic mode left its marks.

Roll on the weekend with a couple of blondes...

So I finally got around to writing down my story with the new Huawei phone.

TL;DR: it works great and I am now completely unGAFAMed. Feels great. πŸ™‚

Here's the long version, and be warned it is quite long-winded:

I plan to do followups every now and then when there is some new material.


So turns out having a data center in the basement of a building next to a river isn't as great as it sounds. Specifically when the dam upstream is overflowing and a massive flood wave will be there in 8 hours.

Partner: the pulldown hose for the kitchen sink has a bad leak. I'd like to replace the faucet, a similar model is $400

Me: how about $17 for a replacement hose and 15 minutes to fix it ourselves?

Partner: wait, that's an option?!

People talk about Right To Repair a lot, and it is important, but there's still a lot of work to do on Repair Culture. If people don't believe repair is a reasonable course of action, if their impulse is to replace instead of see if it's fixable, if they don't have the context and training and confidence to fix things, then repairs don't happen.

So.. I just created a pixelfed account so I don't spam my pictures that I've taken here (I want to potentially turn this into a hobby)

Any users out there. If so, please toot a snapshot of your conky. Please boost.

I'll need to come up with a ticket system for internal use.

We currently (mis-)use Jira in other parts of the company, but with their impending implosion there's no point in riding that horse.

I'm looking for:
* web-based
* useful interfaces; at least mail in/out, web API
* nice UI so people actually *want* to use it

I don't care about the back end, though if it used Git instead of a database that would be neat.

Thanks for any input!

In light of the recent spate of ransomware attacks - I wonder how long it'll take for people to realize that a global 98% monoculture of the same three applications (Windows, Exchange, Office) is indefensible.

If every victim uses the exact same software in the exact same way the economies of scale will always favor the attacker.

Weather's sh!t so let's have some sunshine in a bottle with dinner. πŸ˜„

Well lookee that - the moment they ban single-use plastics all of a sudden there's options galore for paper-based disposables.

Not shown: the spork made from a thin wood shaving.

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