Today in the supermarket. While she indoors was shopping for compost to turn into dinner this beauty caught my eye in the adult aisle. Don't know a single one of those 6 ales, but that is momentarily going to change. Excited!

A "Schwarzer Steiger" schwarzbier (black beer). This isn't a stout but a dark lager, a typical East German specialty.

#foot 1.13.0 is out 🎉

I personally like the new jump-to-previous-or-next-prompt feature, and the support for "wm-capabilities", which allows us to skip rendering e.g. the minimize CSD button on compositors that doesn't support the minimize operation.

A kitty keyboard protocol issue affecting neovim and kakoune (and more) users with keyboard layouts with dead keys have been fixed.

Full changelog:

Microsoft blocks #Tutanota users from own service: Tutanota users can't register a Microsoft Teams account and Microsoft won't change this. - unacceptable..

Grünbacher Weissbier, a Bavarian white. Quite hoppy for a white which makes it a good refreshing summer beer.

Or in this case a victory beer as I finally got a load off my back having finished a sliding door install for her indoors.

I only have two Weissbier glasses so the Maisel's will have to do.

Okay, I'm curious, when did you guys first hear about/join Linux? Please boost for a wider data pool. :boost_love:

Hanging cabinet nearing completion. Still need to do a lot more sanding and a few coats of water-based PU clear coat.

Making and mounting the door handles was a bit of an OCD fest. 😄

We're taking care of the neighbors' cats again and here is The Grumpster himself.

We released gum yesterday, which lets you enhance your shell scripts with a user-friendly TUI, complete with dialogs, prompts, lists, and selections.

if you're into scripting or crafting immensely powerful shell one-liners, you should honestly check out the README, there are a ton of amazing examples:

Oh this is nice!

#zellij, the #terminal multiplexer written in #rust, just released their first version with #sixel support:

This makes zellij the largest userbase terminal multiplexer with image support! They also were kind enough to put the sixel stuff in crates, so other projects can work with it.

Sysadmin rant 

For most of this week all I've been doing has been repairing shit others broke. Wrong netmasks on interfaces. Default routes to a gateway in another network. DAC cables falling out of a server on the other side of the world. Proxies not proxying. And a barrage of debugging sessions with IT because they "cleaned up" lots of "temporary" firewall rules that weren't supposed to be temporary if only their change management wasn't bubblegum applied by 3-year olds.

Hallelujah it's Friday!

Happy sysadmin appreciation day to all sysadmins 😃🍰🎂

So a Belgian study released today shows that private vehicle traffic in the first half of 2022 is down 23% year over year. If that's what high fuel prices do I'd say: not too bad.

I was on a conference call with a bunch of execs yesterday and person was presenting some improvements her team made to a pretty unpopular but very important compliance program. I don’t know what made me do it - it’s not something I do often, but I interrupted the end of the call and thanked this person for the hard work and improvements she’s made to the program. Then the call ended.

Her VP, who was on the call, slacked me later telling me that my comment made a huge impact on the employee, who had been struggling with the mission (and how unpopular it is).

It took me maybe 15 seconds to turn this person’s view around. It’s something that I lost perspective on. I try to be kind in all my interactions, but don’t often do what I did there.

It reminds me about the importance to recognize the little things and little wins and the power of public praise.

Anyhow, I share this with a request: say something supportive/kind to someone tomorrow. I will try to keep doing it too.

#NextCloud CEO and founder Frank Karlitschek was approached by a #Microsoft lawyer earlier this year to make a deal.

In the meeting, the Microsoft correspondent offered benefits in the form of collaboration and marketing to Nextcloud. For example, they wanted to promote the Nextcloud logo in Microsoft marketing material – if Nextcloud would consider dropping its anti-trust complaint.

Microsoft used to be a company of jerks, liars and cheaters 40 years ago, it remains a company of jerks, liars and cheaters today.

USPol Roe v Wade SCOTUS bio hacking 

I love these people:

"According to Laufer, there are 6.1 million pregnancies annually in the U.S., and 1.1 million of those are unwanted. Each card holds three doses of 800 micrograms. If someone wanted to make enough cards to hand out to all the 1.1 million people who want to have an abortion, all they would need to make is around 2.5 kilograms, Laufer explained."

USPol Roe v Wade SCOTUS bio hacking 

Link to the collective presentation of their abortion card, just because I love them so much:

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Thanks to KEXP for introducing me to Adia Victoria. Her album 'A Southern Gothic' is great. She also has a new single about young women and girls growing up in the conservative South. What a refreshingly authentic voice in #music today.

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