So glad winter is drawing to a close. Lots of work in the yard this weekend but great to finally be outside again.

Couple more night frosts and then it should finally be over.

Another job opening. DΓΌsseldorf/D area. Reliability engineer - deploy and operate CheckMK setup w/6 central & up to 300 distributed sites. Ascertain connectivity, liaise with site service to resolve issues. Test & deploy patches & upgrades, handle lifecycle mgmt. Write checks.

Experiences: CheckMK, python, Ansible, Linux, Git.

Looking for a passionate advocate helping make a difference in a windows shop!

EU legals only, must be fluent in English & German. Please DM. Boosts appreciated.

Completed the first version of a python project that talks to an API and does useful things with the data.

[ x ] functionality people kept asking for
[ x ] nice cli options courtesy of argparse
[ x ] handles errors well
[ x ] no ugly hacks hidden under the carpet
[ x ] written
[ x ] checked into Gitlab

It's nice to finish on a high. Time for the weekend. πŸ™‚

We have an immediate opening for an all-rounder interested in industrial networking and IT. Position is 50% travel within Europe, 50% remote/back-office work. Must be EU national or hold a work permit. Office location is either near Duesseldorf/D or Salzburg/A.

Must be proficient with networking, mostly Windows support, and be willing to do everything from arranging cabling to hardware work, software support, light routing configuration, and end user training.

DM me. Boosts appreciated.

fzf is just so neat and convenient if you live in the terminal.

The dumbnuts in corporate IT sure are drinking the ms kool aid from a firehose. After the o365 madness and AIP and azure devops now they also signed up for some linkedin training program.

Sometimes it's a wonder we still have any products to sell at all... 😠

Sat in a meeting today where people were discussing how to navigate the licensing jungle for commercial software. Couldn't help wearing my smug grin.

When asked I said my only input was to consider if that's worth it. We're not even using any of the "features" of the software that would prevent replacing it with a free alternative.

Nobody wanted to discuss it so I just reenabled my smug grin and went back to my code. Whatever.

Having recently been in several discussions about messengers and privacy, I think it's safe to say that the fundamental reason the situation is as fscked up as it is, is plain and simple "I don't care, I just want it to be easy".

"Now that Chrome OS market share has surpassed Mac OS, what that does that mean for Adobe?"

Type in a bit of markdown, commit and push into Git, open file in Gitlab --> beautifully rendered web page with permalinks and everything.

Fart around in the clumsy Confluence web editor, publish page --> view a Lego rendition of a web page with random inserted whitespace, a per-page and web-only edit history, and no links to your code repo?

Why, again, are people paying insane amounts of license $$$? And now being forced to move "to the cloud"?

The hoops some people are willing to jump through just so they don't have to carry a keepass file.

So I see the proprietary repo snuck onto my . I hope the sponsorship from Microsoft was worth it, Raspberry Pi Foundation. You could have otherwise just put on there instead.

This is a big deal. Will certificate pinning make a comeback or are we still stuck with blindly trusting hundreds of corporations and agency-allies with "certifying"?

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