A new year.

A new way to browse and discover, without buying more RAM.

@nipos It should run anywhere Python and PyQt5 do, but the UX was definitely written for a desktop.

You may be interested in though I'm unsure if it runs on platforms other than Android

@fediengine @fedilab It runs only on Android and I want only native apps.I hoped for Tootle but it still doesn't seem to be possible to compile it on PostmarketOS due to some wrong dev dependencies.Python and Qt5 are available so that isn't a problem technically.The question was mainly if the user interface will fit on the small screen.

@nipos There are two big roadblocks I see:

1) fediEngine is a "fat client", it will do an *awful* lot of network traffic. Obviously this will change over time and be configurable.

2) This screenshot from May is very, very, very old, but shows the general layout of the program.

@fediengine You're right,with this layout it won't be usable on a phone.Thanks for the screenshot.Looks like I have to continue to use Pinafore.

@nipos Oh, one last thing. Whenever I described the tabbed layout to people, they kept saying it reminded them of Subway Tooter. But I'd imagine you'd still run into that "is it on pinephone?" problem.

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