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Develop your kids' basic math and language skills with this app. Drill sessions in arithmatic and vocabulary spelling. Features text to speech.

EP Mobile

Looks like a handy tool for medical students. Those specializing in electrophysiology. Would like to see more of these professional tools on the repo cause it would give the repo practical value for professionals.


Menstrual/period calendar 🤦 Give it time and there will be an app for everything. This one is for the lady issues.

@bikepunk @fdroid_lurker @andybalaam Un par de juegos más para añadir a la lista.📱🎮

Anuto TD (Another Ugly Tower Defense) -

2048 (2048 Juego de Puzzle).

Power Ampache

Ampache client - Ampache is a multimedia server. Streams audio/video and features a file manager for remote administration.


A client for yet another news aggretator site:

Similar to Reddit but does not use upvote/dnvote. Instead replaces them with insightful & funny votes.

The reason I dont hit the public timelines. There is an app called NextDoor that is supposedly used to bring the community together. The Sheriff uses it, some teachers use it, the home owners association use it BUT 95% of the content there is people selling stuff. It looks like CraigsList.

This blog can be perceived as advertising. Some people like advertising if you like what you are looking at. But give it time and the fediverse might look like a CraigsList if its allowed to behave that way.

Roku Remote v.s. Kodi Remote (Kore)

Just had a chance to compare remote control apps from Roku v.s. Kodi.

Kodi clearly has a better platform because you can browse while you watch. On roku you can pick a channel to watch from the app but you cant browse. You have to look at the TV to see what to watch.

Not in Kodi. With Kodi you can browse the available content even while the TV is playing something else. This allows you to queue up stuff which is useful for short videos such as YouTube

So what to do:

1. Does the app look legitimate? Are the permissions it declares (AndroidManifest.xml) reasonable? The library dependencies (build.gradle) look okay?
2. Does it build with fdroid build <appID>?
3. Is there at least a description and Summary present in the metadata file? Also author name, website, donation information where applicable?

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👍Cheers to Android running inside Linux somewhat natively. Although its still in its buggy stages I think there is a bright future for FOSS, and Linux when this project matures.

It means more entertainment apps for Linux (games and stuff). It means more value for the project as well.

running anbox and android apps on ubuntu 16.04

The website now **finally** displays antifeatures again.

As a bonus you can now search by anti features:

With that a happy new year to all! 🎉

Always wanted to run your own F-Droid repo – but were afraid it's too complicated? No longer, as part 3 of my @fdroidorg series shows:

Your own F-Droid Repository with Repomaker

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