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NOTE: I suspect I am inadvertingly causing or contributing to DoS attacks cause of the way previews are handled by the fediverse.

anyways something is going on. I will put this microblog on pause of a while.
I will divert my efforts into making a video "30 fdroid apps in 5 mins" or an article "A quick orientation guide to F-Droid: 40 or so must have apps"

IzzyOnDroid F-Droid Repository

An alternative repository to It mirrors all the apps in as well as others. Its good to have options and its good to be handy with those option to be ready for rainy days.

Pdf Viewer Plus

A badly needed quality PDF viewer. After marshmellow many PDF viewers on fdroid broke. This one comes thru and handles itself nicely. Its quick, responsive and renders the content well.

#Newpipe 0.14.2 can't play YouTube videos anymore. Downgrading to 0.14.1 seems to work for the moment. (Need to uninstall the latest version first.)

The problem is fixed upstream in version 0.15 which will be on fdroid in 1-2 days.

APK Mirror

An apk repository for commercial apps for those who have de'googled their phones. Be aware there are pleanty of ads on this app. I would check what you download with just to ease suspicions.


Classic game of connecting 3 in a row or column. Nice sharp graphics, smooth animation. Casual game for a relaxing moment.

At some point there are going to be programs that are nothing more then sandboxes for web assembly.

how is going to handle those programs? Cause if you let one them into fdroid, its going to be a slippery slope and all of them will want in.

PS Lab

I am mentioning this one cause it might be interesting to HW people. It a client to a sensor board. It allows your phone/tablet to work as a oscilloscope, voltmeter, wave generator, logic analyser, etc.

This is my old time favorite algorithm cause it has 3 uses:

It can be used to animate water, animate lava or animate ghostly apparitions.

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Shader Editor

Did you know OpenGL has a built in compiler. The language it uses for shading is very similar to C. This app will allow you to play around with it and experiment with different shading algorithms in real time.

Useful for game developers that want to go beyond simple texture mapping.


Simple but interesting game. Use floodfill to consume all the pixels on the screen. You have a limited number of attempts so make them count.

@politicalcustard you can download paid apps if you bought them with the account you use to sign in to yalp, it might get banned though so probably not the best idea.


Get situational awareness on who is taking up all the disk space. Make better decisions on what to remove and keep on the droid.

Neural Network Simulator

You can create neurons, add connections between them and change their properties. You can connect them to the phone's sensors. You can also use probes to monitor the signals sent between them.

Neat little app to help us get aquainted with how the brain works.


Organize and plan ahead your TV watching experience. Sign off episodes you already watched. Compute how many hours of binge watching will a particular TV show takes. Stuff like that. Its basically a IMDB client.

I love the animated GUI this app has. Good on the eyes, responsive and fluid. 👍

from now on I will use the tag instead of

so basically users can subscribe and do searches on to hear mentions of new apps. And also developers can participate and talk about a new app they release

workload decentralization 😀 how about that

and its good for users to get to know the developers


A client app for

Its a peculiar app in that its like a cross between an image board and a pixel art adventure game. It has a built in media player featuring video game music.

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