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@yuchin1189 我认为是个彗星的尾巴,颜色挺很好看的。

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if you'd like a #BookWyrm invite, you can add your email to the waiting list from the landing page: bookwyrm.social/

I'm not giving out invites right now, but I'm planning to start again pretty soon

I just started to learn Nahuatl, a Mexican language, the one spoken by the Aztecs. It is very different one, but so far I love it, it sounds beautiful ... well, maybe not in my voice. invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=

@jalvarez Congrats on the new computer! It looks awesome. I haven't owned a Thinkpad myself but a friend of mine has one and is pretty satisfied with it.

@sotolf @nebunez The problem with the light was totally my mistake and it's still fixable.

It's not a common problem. I just wasn't very careful.

@nebunez I did exactly that! I rushed it and opened it without the right tools.

Depending on your Kindle and FW version, you may not need to open the device, in that case is quite fast and safe. If you do need to open it, with the right tools you can root it in around 2 hours (more or less).

@penpen It's great! Better than I expected. I used to read on the computer or the cell phone but it got my eyes very tired, personally I think an e-reader was a good investment.

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