I remember a time when online mass-surveillance was a crazy conspiracy theory.

@fazzah Amazingly, some people still think it is.

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I was part of the rave scene in the 80s/90s/00s and we always assumed all telecoms networks were monitored (perhaps more to an extent than was reality back then), and on Usenet there'd be boffins openly posting with * etc addresses in places like comp.lang.fortran so anyone with any sense was careful what they shared online even in early 90s...

@be @fazzah **cough cough** I've got in a drama because they thought it is
They called me "funi conspiracy guy"

@be @fazzah I need a word for that. When people laugh you out of a conversation for discussing recent news… What do we call irrational belief that nobody is out to get you? It's the same kind of delusion. It's more than just denial. They're afraid of paranoia. Paranoiaphobia?

@travisfw @be @fazzah

Nice concept.

"Deliberate blindness", perhaps?

"Scared? Of course i'm scared. Anyone born with something as tender as a pair of testicles has every right to live in fear..." - Hugh Cook. 1983. :D

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Pro-noia: The feeling that the universe is out to help you. :D

@fazzah I was one of the people rallying against it and being called a nutter for doing so. Sad wasted time as no one seems to care even now...

@fazzah The only solace I find in that is that I can be justifiably smug towards all the folks that called me 'too paranoid' before the Snowden leaks came out.

It's not a very big comfort tho...

@fazzah I got called a conspiracy theorist by someone on XMPP yesterday for saying google and microsoft invade their users' privacy which was genuinely unexpected

@fazzah And used to be a prescription for a myriad of psychiatric conditions... not much has changed, unfortunately.

It was naive of us to think it would be a literal barcode in the neck.

@fazzah now think about what crazy conspiracies may be found to be true in the next 10 years. Make your bets :)

@fazzah You get called "conspiracy theorist" for mentioning Echelon in the '90, mass-surveillance, but also climate change and any other issue that people don't want to hear about. Self-deception is a powerful force.

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