A well written piece of literature. Highly effective...

@fatboy *weep* This modern piece of literature. Its soo moving. The cry for help, the stern voice as if to show tough love, the use of soo much profanities to get the point across. This moved me to tears and send me weeping by the emotional connection here *weep* /s

Reminds me of something one of my college writing teachers said while we were talking about *The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner*:

"Sometimes you just have to hit them in the head with an oar."

@fatboy Well I, for one, think that he ought to tell us what he really thinks.

Alas, factually wrong.

The efficacy is off, analogies are off (can't compare covid to things like smallpox exactly for things like "killing kids en masse"), there is no risk group distinction, just butthurt.

@sudoLife @fatboy > analogies are off
It never said anything about covid, just vaccines

I meant the part about vaccines getting rid of smallpox etc, that kinda implies the level of danger of covid, too. Otherwise it makes even less sense to do the analogy.

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