@fatboy I can't agree more. Brave is just google. At least google says they collect data with a straight face. But brave hides behind a mask of privacy. Which is bult on lies and lies.

@fatboy I’ve seen posts like this numerous times but they never mention alternatives. What browser can someone use that wants to avoid Mozilla and Google at the same time?

@fatboy @locness3 Does it have a script blocker? One where I can select which scripts I allow (like uMatrix or uBlock in Hard Mode)?

@telroy @fatboy nyxt it has emacs bindings and can be configured using common lisp they’re working on adding the ability to use chrome/firefox extensions
@telroy @fatboy there’s also ungoogled chromuim,palemoon,waterfox and default browsers of your chosen desktop environment

@fatboy @overflow nyxt looks awesome! Hope they get extensions support out soon.

@telroy @fatboy Sadly you can't really use something else than Mozilla or Google-based nowadays.

I think the best part is that this is being posted on a "privacy" subreddit
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