Drop freenode and join xmpp.

The time is now!

@joeligj12 @fatboy we could make a room for the fediverse, if it doesn't exists yet

@fatboy this. not only adds resilience, it ensures no one party can take over the whole system.

I'm not that old enough but read stories of IRC originally being a federated protocol much like XMPP, but disagreements and early powergaming moves made it the data silo-like that it is today.

@fatboy If one wanted to jump into XMPP, where would one start? Is there a well-known directory of rooms or anything like that?

A quick search found this:
Aslo there are bridges to IRC but a number of them have the same problems that running an IRC app on your phone. For example if you change ip addresses, the bridge has to reconnect you to the network again which may get you kicked from some channels in a few cases.

@apetresc I would also look to register on a good server, is great and based in Germany.
Use Conversations app for Android, Dino for Linux

@fatboy This !
Also (on your Web Browser) is a good alternative !


@gmate8 @fatboy Freenode was bought by a company that up to that point just organized the Sponsorings and events.
Now, the new CEO is throwing it in the trash.

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