So, uhm, Microsoft wants to buy Discord for $10 Billion.

Just comes to show how much your data is worth to Surveillance Capitalists.

Fortunately deleted my discord account around the same time WhatsApp downgraded its privacy policy.

I am happy to not ve using, but i would like if this could work as a motive for some prople to switch platforms

@fatboy "The report also noted that Discord is more likely to go public than sell itself."

❤️🖤 Not sure how much Discord is actually making in net profit, so it would make sense for them to cash out. Main issue is how much of user base would stay given that many non-gaming communities flocked to Discord for its lack of data-selling tendencies.

Flip side: Microsoft bought Skype, and Skype has been on the way out for a while. I would expect Discord's fate to be similar if acquired, although it may take 5-10 years for its influence to fade.

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