@Tusky Can we have Gemini urls showed as active clickable links?

@fatboy Also this looks like a good read, I will get back to it later.

@person @fatboy it is a good read. Just a week or so ago I was only mildly annoyed by the sneakiness behind this, but now I am very upset. I use the Raspberry Pi OS on several Pis because it works and I am very comfortable with it. I prefer it to the other Pi distros still. I saw some of the forum posts about this were closed immediately. They'll have to back step and admit they frakked things up good.

@bbbhltz At this point it doesn't matter. I never used a Pi before due to lack of budget and need but if I get a single board computer, that computer will be BeagleV. I hope Alpine's RISC-V port is not that far away.

URI schemes 

@fatboy I'll check with the team what kind of URI schemes we could add, and want to add.

Also is a Mastodon feature that you need to add the URI scheme at the beginning for clickable. So I don't know if you wanted to share a gemini link or https there?

URI schemes 

@fatboy okay, it turns out that the app picks up what's available server side. And you need correlating support on your phone.

I hope this helps.

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