@fatboy I would never be able to understand what is actually best for use (privacy wise). Probably there is no best, but just the most optimal solution till the solution goes ballsy and a search for a new one starts.

@AAMfP @Jami @fatboy I have :) but alone. I would never be able to get many people around me to use it :(

I've forced a couple of friends and former colleagues. 😁 And still replying to them through it when they forget and message me on telegram.
I'm on the way of removing also telegram, but I have a couple of groups that I need to move... But the saddest part is Jami still don't have the group chat, but only group videos.
It's a start.
@Jami @fatboy

@AAMfP @chaitanya @Jami Jami is not dependable at all. I used it for a day and had major issues when switching from data to WiFi

Really? I'm even using that from @fdroidorg, but no issues.
You should inform @Jami team by opening a ticket.
@chaitanya @Jami

@fatboy Good news! Probably having to do with Facebook's recent changes to ? If so, I'm glad to see that so many people are making the switch.

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