@fatboy Agree but I hope that companies like Red Hat, Canonical, NVIDIA, Apple, Google, Microsoft and ARM don't fuck our house, they are like a bad Government. I love Linux but if community allow those companies do whatever they want the future will be dark.

We need more communities and less profits companies. We need more RISC-V and x86 and less ARM. This worry me a lot, because ARM wants to bring all its shit to desktop. We have to protect our ecosystem.

@jrballesteros05 @fatboy aha, can’t agree more. but btw, is that bad? worse than x86? x86 is not so open IIRC.

btw, i head to world. Actually linux kernel has always been embracing the profit company from its very beginning. why do we trust Linus?

@mdrights @fatboy X86 is not so open, I agree. I gave my opinion about ARM fosstodon.org/web/statuses/105. The real option for me at the moment is RISC-V.

I was reading about BSD as well, the only thing I don't like it is the license but I like its methodology to work, it is just an opinion though, but at the moment BSD is more "libre software" and Linux is more "open source". And what I just see people never wanted "libre software", they wanted "free stuffs".

@mdrights @jrballesteros05 @fatboy x86 is partially open while arm is full on proprietary. One thing I hate about it is that you can't install whatever OS you want to your phone because arm can't tell the OS which drivers it needs, because of that you need to maintain individual images for other devices it's not plug'n play like x86. It's not much better on the desktop afaik. Also look in general how locked down arm devices are and yeah, fuck arm.

@fatboy "A house that is given to you for free." I doubt very many Linux users know what that feels like. Do rich people even care about freedom?

@fatboy Linux make computers fun! I'm glad I tried it years ago, it taught me a lot distro-hopping and then eventually getting into programming!

@fatboy omg yes!!! it hasn't been without its problems but I love the customizability and fun of it.

I love this analogy! I'm going to steal this and use it whenever I explain to people why I try to use #FOSS whenever possible.

@fatboy I dont particularly feel different when using Linux, its just the default to me. Using Windows feels like I’m borrowing someone else’s computer, even if it’s my own.

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