Please let me know if you test it. I want this to work so badly, but have been disappointed in the past. I'll be testing as well:).

@lps I am busy testing it. Not perfect, but has a lot of potential. Waiting for the latest version to hit the fdroid repo

I just looked now and noticed it hasn't been updated on fdroid as well. Waiting anxiously;)

@fatboy I'm just checking in with regards to Jami.

Have you had any better luck with this version? I continue to be let down by this. I can connect initially but when phones go into standby it no longer works, no notification/ring etc:(

I even tried linking another device from Mobile to PC but messages are not synced while both are open. Too bad!


@lps Ahoy.
Yeah, I am having similar issues. I did manage to get few messages exchanged between a few friends, but now it's broken.
There are some connectivity issues.

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