Some foss tips:

Don't buy Intel, don't buy Nvidia.

Buy AMD ;)

@fatboy *looking smugly at his Ryzen+RX580 build*

@fatboy AMD needs to open source AMD Secure Technology before it can claim best CPUs for FOSS. At least Intel's Management Engine has been somewhat mitigated.

@fatboy so AMD drivers are open source? Even the graphic drivers for gaming?

@Xystel @fatboy yes, on Linux the open source driver is the recommended one for gaming on an AMD GPU.

@robby @fatboy ohh thats interesting! Maybe I need to switch. At nvidia I could never use the open source driver because it had not the good performance for gaming. And what is with CPU? Are that Intel drivers proprietary? I never needed to do something there, so I never thought about that...

@fatboy funny, I always hear that tip. Yet, the first time I tried Linux I had two very similar laptops one with an Intel Chipset, the other AMD. The Intel one performed 100% regarding drivers and hardware compatibility, while I to this day can't use the AMD one without doing some manual tweaking, even with a modern distro.

Of course, that might be because of other hardware issues unrelated to the chipset. Perhaps I should build my own rig one day

@fatboy I'm fairly sure Intel is #1 corporate contributor to Linux kernel. I bought an Intel laptop WiFi card years ago and it has been absolutely rock solid in both linux and windows, has never needed any driver fiddling at all. Intel integrated graphics have been well supported in Linux for years and years also.

I understand that they use some shady anti-competition tactics and have become stagnate. What are the reasons you recommend avoiding them?

@bhart @fatboy
Intel has more security holes than swiss cheese. And even if you don't care about security (which you should). Ryzen has become faster and better value for money in any way that matter. Especially with the latest gen.

@msavoritias @bhart I agree with Marinus. When I buy a CPU I want a CPU, not a cheese grater with 100 holes in it.haha.
Also, it's time to support the underdog. Intel has been complacent for far too long and did not regard security as an important feature/characteristic of their CPUs

@fatboy @msavoritias Mmmmm.. I don't think it's accurate to say Intel doesn't regard security. Speculative execution and similar techniques are really important for improving CPU performance and they are really hard problems. I haven't followed closely, maybe there is some intentional negligence on their part that I missed?

All that said, I'm no intel fanboy - I would buy AMD CPU just to support competition, and their GFX card with linux is a no-brained.

@bhart @fatboy
For me there are three problems:
First they knew about the security issues.

Second some of the flaws are present in the cpus of the last 15 years. While amd or arm didn't have these issues. I don't think Intel engineers are that incompetent that that couldn't found one security flaw to fix.

Third its not only the speculation.

There are dozens of flaws. This is just one list of all of them.

@bhart @fatboy
I agree about the competition thing. Personally I would go with open power. Its the best open hardware CPU we have right now.

@fatboy I'm half way there, AMD cpu but Nvidia gfx, still less compatibility issues when dealing with GPU acceleration in my experience.

@miloder Can't wait for this to go mainstream. Very keen to own a device with risc-v architecture

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