@fatboy FTA "To me, using AdBlock is similar to walking into a cafe, ordering a cup of coffee and then walking out without paying. You are using up physical resources that you are unwilling to pay for."

No. It's like putting cups of coffee outside in a public space, with a sign on it saying "free coffee", then badgering everyone who takes one for a couple of pennies while whining about how difficult their business model is.

@fatboy but did you know that social media wouldn't work without ads? 😉😉😉😉

@pinkprius @fatboy they might not have been so bad, if they didn't follow you home;)

@fatboy I try to not consume any form of advertising, because they result in me making worse decisions on what to buy/consume.

@fatboy was that written by an advertising company?

Did not even attempt to address all the privacy violations perpetuated by all the advertising mechanisms that are used. Also chose to ignore the existence of things like Patreon that allow people to operate entire ad free sites / services because the creators make a "product" or provide a service people actually want. If you need to get in bed with the advertising devil to survive, I'd argue you have a product people don't want.

@fatboy thankfully the internet isn't tv or radio. It's interactive. People offer content, and other people can decide if they want to watch it or not. I can't approve of any way people can force others what to watch.
Especially for something as rampant as advertising. I whitelist because I like some sites, I don't use adblocker because I don't like sites. I use it because I hate ads, and I'm sorry if that hurts the people that want to decide what they show me.

@fatboy Sorry but it's not my fault that modern web is unusable without a good adblocker.

@fatboy it’s so funny how selfish and self-entitled this article is, the same words they use to describe people using Adblock.

They also refuse to change which is short sighted and ignorant of them. Again, the same words they use to describe people using Adblock.


@fatboy I'm kind of on the fence about this one to be honest. I want to support sites through advertising, but cannot stand the stalkerish personalized ads that most sites use, (ahem G**gle). My compromise at the moment is to aggressively block trackers, but not expressly block ads. Catches the creepy ads, lets the okay ones slip through.

@fatboy I would use an adblocker less if I wasn't being tracked so heavily and that caused pages to load slower. If I like a site, I'll turn off my blocker but as it stands it's on by default


By this article's logic, I've been robbing tv stations my entire life by muting during ads. They've chosen to put something on the open web, and while they have a right to monetize through ads, I have an equal right to protect myself from said ads and their tracking, privacy violation, and general bad behavior.

@fatboy The modern web sucks because of fucking ads. I don't like installing addons to my browser but I had to because pages has abused. So fuck the fucking ads.

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