Whatever the reasons are for Firefox's shitty behaviour, it's still no reason to use a chromium-based browser. Please, use anything else.

@fatboy Reminder to everyone that PaleMoon and Basilisk are both perfectly viable browsers.

I personally use PaleMoon and I absolutely love it.

It definitely is in my opinion. PaleMoon feels like the browser made by people tired of Firefox's crap, for people tired of Firefox's crap. It's extremely customizable, something that Mozilla has been slowly ripping out of Firefox. It uses XUL, which means we get the awesome extensions instead of the fairly meh WebExtensions extension. I honestly just can not praise it enough.

@Phate6660 @realcaseyrollins It's a damned shame the developers are narcissistic furries that don't play nice with others. They burned a pretty big bridge with the OpenBSD community a while back, and that's when they stopped being an option for me.


I'm sure it does, or it supports a no-script-like addon.

I personally use uBlock Origin, nMatrix (uMatrix clone), HTTPS Always (HTTPS Everywhere clone), and a few other addons meant for privacy/security.


I remember that, if I recall correctly this was OpenBSD's fault. Don't get me wrong, neither side handles the issue appropriately, but it was OpenBSD which ultimately caused the problem.


Eh, pretty sure I do. I just read up about it a few days ago. And OpenBSD was clearly in the wrong.

It definitely could've been handled better from both sides, but it wouldn't've escalated without OpenBSD pushing it.


I don't even know why I'm wasting my time. It's obvious this will get us nowhere. Let me know if you wanna have an actual discussion.


I'm not triggered. I just have the foresight to see that we are going to get nowhere through conversating the way it is right now. Especially when you resort to memes and just saying I'm wrong without providing any form of evidence as to why I would be wrong. And there's no point in me doing that either when I can tell by the meme-ing that this isn't gonna be a serious discussion either way.

@Phate6660 OK Kid. Keep writing books to tell me you're not defending an overreaction that was snuffed immediately by actual adults at the OpenBSD team.
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