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Maciej Cegtowski coined a phrase
which I think should resonate far
beyond the circles in which it
currently does. The phrase: ‘ambient
privacy.’ He defined it as:

the understanding that there is
value in having our everyday
interactions with one another
remain outside the reach of
monitoring, and that the small
details of our daily lives should
pass by unremembered. What
we do at home, work, church,
school, or in our leisure time
does not belong in a permanent
record. Not every conversation
needs to be a deposition.


no reason to think holders of these "depositions" have any values in common with the subject[s] of said depositions. after all, they were taken without consent.

i see the problem[s] of mass surveillance more in terms of the organizations doing it than in terms of these organizations grabbing the least significant parts of our speaking and writing ...

(while agreeing that much of what we do or say is ephemeral)

thx for your thoughtful comments

@js0000 @fatboy

This line of reasoning always leads me back to this incredible story: spiderrobinson.com/melancholye

There's power in being allowed/able to forget.

@RussSharek @fatboy

thank you
an interesting read
(stayed till the end)

forgetting is helpful
to be sure

performing artists know this
(or they have an opportunity to learn it every show)

@js0000 @fatboy

I can't speak for all performing artists. I do remember one of my teachers saying that we do the same show every night, and it is different every time, and that is what makes it magic.

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