I need more CLI/ncurses Apps! Dammit!

What are your favourites?

@fatboy you need a purpose or two...or at least let people list down top 5 tools that serve their own purpose.
so let me start... :P
1. moc - music
2. zypper - i like my system up to date
3. rtorrent - i just discovered - torrents
4. youtube-dl - for downloading a lot more than youtube
5. python - when i want to quickly calculate somethings

additionally i like sakura as it doesn't need any heavy DE but doesn't suck like rxvt or xterm with no mouse selection.

while you're in CLI, try out sed.

@fatboy tmux, aerc, wordgrinder, pandoc, w3m, fbpdf, fbv, ncmpcpp, ranger, pianobar, abook... and so many more!
If it wasn't for Zoom classes for uni, I would be living in the TTY most of the time.

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