@fatboy I don't get why people keep falling for "free antivirus" crap.


@martijnbraam @fatboy That people fall for it doesn't make it right. Most of these users have been under surveillance for years, because someone else installed this and said it was ok! It's fucking disgusting.

@fatboy lol slashdot, so 90's. Do i need to listen to Ace of Bass when I view that site?

@fatboy VPNs and Adblockers have the same abilities. How do you think Facebook predicted the rise of Whatsapp and Instagram. Onavo.

I guess it was expected that sooner or later we'd find out that those free antivirus companies were into some shady stuff.

@fatboy can you link the original article that's usually put inside the slashdot post. slashdot feed links are not loading

@fatboy Thanks. I get to hear of these and similar stories on "security now" podcast on TWiT

A non libre software was caught stealing people's data, and people are surprised. When i tell people(e.g., relatives and friends) about these things(Free/libre software) they laugh at me. Who's laughing now?

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