To whom it may concern,

This is a toot in email format. Trying to see if it catches on?

Have a nice day,

Kind Regards,


Dear Sir,

The content of your correspondence is noted and acknowledged. I look forward to hearing from you again soon.


@fatboy Dear Fatboy,

This approach is delightful, I hope the public's response and adoption rises to meet your expectations.

Have yourself a good day,

Best of wishes,

@yarmo @fatboy Y'all email like that? I'll send one like that if its super formal or I'm introducing myself, but most of my emails just look like this.
- Jordan

@fatboy To: fatboy
From: mdhughes
Re: Your toot

That's an epistolary letter format. Email is just headers and a .sig:

Digital Mark
"There are 10 kinds of people in the world."


FiXato puts the security of the client at a high priority. Therefore, we have put efforts into ensuring that the message is error and virus-free. Unfortunately, full security of the toot cannot be ensured as, despite our efforts, the data included in toots could be infected, intercepted, or corrupted. Therefore, the recipient should check the email for threats with proper software, as the sender does not accept liability for any damage inflicted by viewing the content of this toot.

Hi @fatboy

sorry, the disclaimer footer didn't leave any room for an actual message. ^_^

cya & grtz,
'90s FiXato


Hi Fatboy,


Thank you,
IT - User Support
Extension: 43675
Fax: 647-555-1024

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