Really enjoying using Tmux lately. It is extremely handy when you use more than one CLI app.

@fatboy tmux *all* the things!

I've used tmux as a hack to start a Rails webapp on a dedicated server VM for a non-Linux savvy user - the user starts the VM and interacts with the local browser; when they want to backup the database, they switch to the open Terminal and just hit ^C to interrupt the app ... then they can backup the DB file, then reboot the machine or up-arrow/return to restart the app.

The secret is that tmux can be asked to inject keystrokes into one of its windows, which is what the startup script does ... those keystrokes are the 'start the rails app' command, which is how they're available for up-arrow shell history reliably.

I suppose I might have been able to get away with pre-populating a read-only .history file, but other things probably would make that non-optimal.

I recently have problems doing copy and paste in tmux. You ok with that?

@sam @fatboy I tend to just use X copy/paste and haven't tried using tmux's internal one for ages, so I don't have a problem ... perhaps I have fewer features though ...

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