Enjoying my time on Pixelfed.
I am still getting used to only seeing photos and not a lot of text.
I do feel very comfortable here with you guys :)

@fatboy I assume registration is closed since I got a 403 on the register page.

@kev I'm having issues uploading images. Something's wrong

@fatboy I doubt it though, as 403 means that access to the page is forbidden.

@kev @fatboy @PixelFed has closed registration for a month to encourage people to use other instances.

@blaubachn @kev @PixelFed Ah! I was unaware of the existence of other instances.

@fatboy @kev

Oops, meant to tag @pixelfed

They tooted this:

"New user registrations will be closed for 1 month. This is meant to encourage growth of other instances!

For a list of other instances, please see: the-federation.info/pixelfed"

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