Dear What is a good ethical alternative to google ads and google AdWords? I want to promote my services and get traffic to my website

Damn, GitHub is down again! I hope it haven't been DDoSed again :ac_worry: :github:

Yes, i'm joining the wave. This is
And as you can see i am on Ubuntu Mate but i'll be moving to Zorin OS (You can actually se the .iso and Balena Etcher there).

Version 0.2006.5 was launched last week, but now it's finally available for download on F-Droid too

Hi, I'm new on fosstodon but It's not my first time on a Mastodon Instance. I really apreciate the work that open source communities are doing and social media on the fediverse to take back the control of our privacy.
I'm a studiying software engineer, I'm learning to code and a I'm linux user (Fedora). I would like help more FOSS projects.

@Frico I can see in your first toot that you are in Buenos Aires, do you speak spanish?

It's easy to make blueprints using the editor, Goxel.

Here's a short tour of the features I've been using:

"Classroom" is a work-in-progress mod by me that allows teachers to manage students. They can perform bulk actions on online, defined subgroups, or individually selected students. More coming soon!

Minetest is a free open source alternative to Minecraft. The official account is:


You can also follow a Minetest world building project called Illuna:


There's also an unofficial Minetest video channel:


The actual Minetest app is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and BSD from the official site at

#MineTest #Minecraft #FLOSS #FOSS #Games #Gaming #Sandbox #OpenWorld


Last night I was talking with my mom on the phone. She was telling me she wanted to share large files with my aunt, but wasn't keen on using Google Drive and the likes.

I bursted in laughter. "Mom", I said, "I just set up an account for you on my instance. Here's your username and password." 🤓

We spent the next 20 minutes going over the thing. She was pretty excited. She'll turn 75 this year. I'm proud how she's embraced technology. 😄

Howdy @manyver_se! It would be incredible if, in the next release of the app, it is possible to see the bio of a user without having to press the "Bio" button.

And more!

🎉 Feature: allow replying to follow/block events
☑ Bug fix: temporarily unresponsive when reopening app
🔷 Improve performance of loading data in Thread screen
🔷 Improve the looks of content warnings
🔷 (Android) Indicate F-Droid or Dat Installer in the version name

See the changelog:

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Isn't curious how people are talking do much about "structural racism", "system is rigged", "is by design" but don't seem to specifically say what structure, what design, what system?

I'll do your job: is called capitalism.

It's not Trump politics, and will not be solved at the next booth either

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