just to confirm, look's like it was that extension causing it
thank you for the insight

ok, so maybe it's related to this gmail gnome extension

I'll try to disable it and will see if it's stops

thank you

did anyone get this msg before?
I'm on pop_os 20.10
and getting this msg almost every time I'm unlocking the screen
as a system notification

in that case, I will try something like listening to a login event if available and when triggered checking the username and the VPN connection and run the relevant command to get the correct VPN command to run to switch it on or off.
it will be a bit more complex script

if you are using two usernames and switch between them so you can use the variable $USER
to get the current username,
you can create a bash script that checks the username and if it's work user run the command to connect to the VPN,
else just ignore.
this script will run at startup or login


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