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of the , can you spare a euro?

80% of people displaced by climate change are women. Mama Cash is urgently trying to raise 20K today for groups that fight for environmental justice. We're talking feminist climate activists in the poorest regions of the world.

Watch this for more info: youtube.com/watch?v=Ku-YLY5Ki3

Even 1 euro helps, the largest donation gets a personalized gift from me: for.mamacash.org/fundraiser/Gi

Thank you ❤️

Very concerning words from the Attorney General. He desires all encryption based software to have a backdoor no matter what.


Right! I'm sure all the data is random, but it's something think about.

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The oldest song we know of is a Sumerian Hymn, 3400 years old, our oldest writing we know of is about 3000 years old. 300 000 years ago is the first modern Homo Sapiens Sapiens remains from. 10000 years ago we started our first agrarian societies
With a bit of luck you and I can live about 100 years, that's 3000 of us to the birth of our species, 100 of us to when we started using the land, 34 of us to that Hymn and 30 of us until our first piece of known writing.

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It looks like @christitus put up a video on Mastodon. It's an interesting watch.


I'm sure production houses are rejoicing over the cheap price. Apples pro $7K monitor vs the top of the line Sony or Canon pro monitor in the range of $28k with no stand makes a difference to all pros in the production industry.

Privacy badger, https everywhere, cookie auto delete and ublock origin is what I use with Firefox :-D

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