Just realised that I have maybe misunderstood something with mastodon. I thought it was possible to post so that only other logged in users on the same server can see your post.

But looking at the privacy options for a post I see no option for that? I thought “unlisted” was that option but it is not!

This was a major selling point for me about mastodon. The possibility to create a safe space to post where only other community members see it.

Have I understood this correctly? :(

@exstral this post has a good overview of the different settings.

Only local timeline is not possible afaik. I do believe there are some mastodon forks around that have that functionality though..

@rra @exstral I made the same mistake at the beginning, and was disappointed that it was not an option. A post-to-local-instance-only option would be great to have. There are all sorts of reasons why this can be useful, from admin/maintenance discussions, to interactions about instance specific issues that you don't want to see circulate (for whatever reasons). There's definitively a risk of isolation but I think this should be a user/instance choice.

@rra some of the other features they develop look quite nice too, bookmarks, advanced app layout settings, audio file posting, toot visibility icons, etc.

@rra @320x200 ah hmm. This just makes those posts not federate. I was also thinking they would be hidden from public view without being logged in. Will have to readjust my expectations on mastodon or contribute some patches hah :)

@exstral @320x200 I think to a certain extent Mastodon is built around the presumption that things are mostly public.

You could see if has what you need. According to it has local+unlisted posting as a feature.

@rra @320x200 ah cool I just joined that instance, thanks for researching!

@320x200 @rra yes totally agree that it should be a choice of the instance/users. I would be happy to post some things public and others only for “close friends” (followers) and some things only for my chosen community.


@kaniini said he plans to develop that in Pleroma when he'll have time to but I don't know if there's a real roadmap for it yet.

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