Hello fediverse, I’m a web developer interested in p2p and queer networks of all kinds 🌸


Welcome to —it sounds like you'll fit right in!

Just curious, what sort of things do you have in mind by "queer networks of all kinds"? I haven't heard the term "queer network" before

@codesections thank you! By queer networks I mean both social and online communities focused on LGBTIA people and also physical networks such as friends, book clubs, local hangouts, bars or parties 🥳

@exstral Got it. I thought you meant that the networks *themselves* were queer in some way, not just that they have many LBGTIA participants.

The latter is cool, but the former sounds like it would be *awesome*—if only I could figure out what it would mean, exactly

@codesections I guess a network could also be queer in itself if queer voices and concerns are considered and included already at the inception of the network or protocol.

Mastodon is actually a good example as it has extensive controls to build a safe space online through moderation, blocking and clear privacy controls.



Interplanetary Filesystem Protocol.

it is basically torrent on top of git. Decentralized on top of distributed.

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