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Can we appreciate that the original game of Monopoly was supposed to mock Capitalist exploration and landlords but some rich dude stole the idea, changed it a bit to be pro Capitalist, then sold it as his own.

Capitalism consumes all it's critiques and sells it back to you.

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I bought a copy of Hasbro's mean-spirited and woefully ill-informed "MONOPOLY: SOCIALISM" board game so you don't have to - a thread 1/

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I'm pleased to announce the v1.0.0 release of Hometown, my Mastodon fork! It's up to date with Mastodon v2.9.3, and unique features include:

- Local only posting
- Full support for rendering incoming `Article` posts from federated blogs like Write.As
- "Exclusive" lists that let you follow someone without clogging up your home timeline

For more info, including rationale for each new feature, check out our wiki:


And the release itself is here:


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Do you wish the Fediverse had a Reddit-style link sharing and discussion system?

There are two in development, Prismo and Lemmy:


Prismo source:

Prismo demo instance:


Lemmy source:

#Reddit #Alternatives #Fediverse #ActivityPub #Federation

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If cyberpunk isn't real then how come a bunch of us have stupid haircuts, online alter egos we identify with more than our real names, alter our bodies and hate cops

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As you may have noticed from recent boosts, @pixelfed now has "remote follows".

In case you're wondering what it is, #Pixelfed is a free open alternative to Instagram, designed for privacy-friendly photo sharing.

You can now follow Mastodon accounts from Pixelfed, and Pixelfed accounts from Mastodon.

Some good servers to sign up on:

Remote follows mean wherever you sign up, you can follow people from other servers 👍

#Instagram #Alternatives

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Okay, which of you wrote “trans rights are human rights” in the dirt on the wall of this tunnel? They also wrote “all cats are beautiful” so I know it was one of you.

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Facebook Messenger still scans all messages, even with end-to-end encryption. Scanning is done locally on the device before text messages are sent and after received messages are decrypted.

Facebook privacy lol


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as the heatwave hits both america and europe, this is a handy infographic to pass around

people who are elderly, young, or chronically ill are more susceptible to this!

many head meds (SSRIs, etc) make this more likely as well!

heatstroke can also come with confusion and other mental symptoms. if you see someone who is warm to the touch, not sweating, and acting oddly in this heat (especially if in categories of ppl at risk) - please help get them medical attention! heatstroke can kill!

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Recently, Github has restricted people from Iran, Syria, and other regions from accessing their private repositories and the static website host Github Pages.

Free and ethical technology use denounces such crony nepotism oppressing individuals from practicing technological liberties and hacker culture. Please consider using sourcehut.org/ as your new host for your projects. Sourcehut is 100% libre, composable, Javascript-free, and does not track you at all!

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The only good thing in the world today is that I learned about "banana pose" which is just something seals do when they feel safe and content.
Just happy seal things.

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It's not new, but it's worth remembering, or knowing, that Facebook embeds tracking data inside photos you download.


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The save-an-article service Pocket is useful, but it's also proprietary and tracks you.

There's a privacy-friendly free open alternative called #Wallabag you can use instead.

They have an official instance where you can sign up, suitable for non-technical users:


There's also a project website which tells tech users how to self-host their own instance:


You can follow Wallabag on here at:


#Pocket #Alternatives

How does data privacy work on the fediverse? What if I realise months later I want to remove certain posts, is it possible?

I see from the ActivityPub spec that it is technically possible, but I’m guessing not all servers will follow this? Maybe someone runs an archival service?

Are we left with the standard rule of the internet: Everything ever posted on the internet can never be fully removed? 🤔

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I know its probably not going to happen in the main fork since Eug doesn't even like/understand the want for instance-only posting but like

Social media doesn't have to be inherently public. This is why MMO chats usually have levels all in between global chat and 1:1

@JPEG Just bought Mast. Beautiful timeline. Sadly it crashes frequently. Especially when switching accounts/instances. Also the local timeline seems to show posts from both instances at the same time. Is this intentional?

Dreaming of events on fediverse and found Mobilizon. So cool!

Was hoping to try it out and maybe help out coding. But eeeh, it is written in elexir, no idea where to start. Will leave it to their devs ✨

Anyone know of other event ideas for the fediverse?

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