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Last week, Mastodon adopted a beginner-friendly default interface 👍

So, maybe this would be a good time to spread the word about Mastodon to a wider audience?

If you're on Facebook/Twitter, you could do a little post about Masto with a link to joinmastodon.org ? And a link to a good instance running 2.9 or above?

(Also, I think some people were doing Mastodon posters?)

If people hear about Mastodon from many different sources, they are more likely to try it.

#Mastodon #Fediverse

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In case you missed it: Linux and FreeBSD are vulnerable to several TCP-based attacks.


Affected are:

– CVE-2019-11477: Linux kernels 2.6.29 and above
– CVE-2019-11478: Linux kernels before 4.15
– CVE-2019-5599: FreeBSD 12 with RACK
– CVE-2019-11479: all Linux kernels so far

Check if your systems already provide security updates and update ASAP.

#linux #freebsd #sack #vulnerability #security

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Thinking about how intimidating Mastodon can seem because you have to scroll through a huge list of instances and pick one and try your luck, rather than just going to "the bird website" or "the facebook" and signing up.

But then, like - that's how it always used to be? That's what forums were like, you found one randomly, you took your chances, and it worked out or it didn't.

How quickly big tech conditioned us to fear choice and mistrust the unknown, I guess. Anyway uhhh piss piss ass piss ass

Russia is working hard to create it's own censored internet. Now forcing also VPNs to block all kinds of unwanted things, among them "gay propaganda" 😔technologyreview.com/f/613652/

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A year ago I tried learning ActivityPub, and more or less failed. I was confounded by a spec that was so abstract I couldn't make heads or tails of it. Turns out I was missing some key things.

I have written a guide to learning about ActivityPub that I wish existed a year ago when I first set out to learn how to write social media servers that conform to the spec:


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Google obviously has no plans to protect us from massive tracking business model invading our privacy. This is why a new generation of privacy services is needed:
Google to restrict modern ad blocking Chrome extensions to enterprise users 9to5google.com/2019/05/29/chro via @SkylledDev@twitter.com

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mom can I have [100% browser market share]
so you can [give everyone a fast and modern browser]?
*actually forces all users to disable adblocking like a boss*
g o o g l e time

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“Apple says, “What happens on your iPhone stays on your iPhone.” Our privacy experiment showed 5,400 hidden app trackers guzzled our data — in a single week."

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When you're browsing on Firefox and you accident open in a new window instead of a new tab.

The nice thing about Berlins shitty old airports is that you aren’t forced to walk through fifteen minutes of flashy shopping areas to get to the gates. They are right there after security. Just behind a myriad of doors, small corridors and staircases.

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Hey Fediverse,

What is your opinion of the Telegram messaging service?

Any potential problems?

How does it compare to Signal and Wire?

#Telegram #AskTheFediverse #AskMastodon

Just realised that I have maybe misunderstood something with mastodon. I thought it was possible to post so that only other logged in users on the same server can see your post.

But looking at the privacy options for a post I see no option for that? I thought “unlisted” was that option but it is not!

This was a major selling point for me about mastodon. The possibility to create a safe space to post where only other community members see it.

Have I understood this correctly? :(

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We have another special offer for you.

For one week only, the Tor sticker pack, including multiple reusable camera covers and our favorite logos, can be yours for a $17 donation.

Just write in $17 into the "other" box on the donate page, and you're set. donate.torproject.org

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As you may have read yesterday, Adobe is telling customers using older versions of Creative Cloud that they could be sued (elekk.xyz/@eightbitsamurai/102).

If you are still using CC, it might be time to consider alternatives which let you actually own software instead of renting it:


#CreativeCloud #Adobe #Alternatives #DeleteAdobe

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When you use somebody elses' platform to communicate, they can see who talks to who, when and for how long. Such 'metadata' says a lot more about you than you realize. This is why Facebook wants you to forget about metadata when you think about #privacy

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