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installed icecast and updated pretok.tv general webpage:

PRETOK.TV is a streaming research project for local (slovenian) new media, music and performance art scene.

the project strives to use exclusively libre open source software.

We now have new servers, building live audio & video and archives...

(archives are slowly being built up)

#OwnCast #IceCast #PeerTube


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You don't "have something to hide" when you put blinds on your windows or close the door when you're on the toilet, or wear clothes. Privacy isn't about having something to hide, it's not about keeping secrets. It's about being able to choose what you reveal about yourself, and when, and to who, and the other word we have for that is "dignity". Your inherent dignity, as a human being. Privacy is the agency you have over your dignity.

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BookWyrm is a Fediverse alternative to Amazon's GoodReads, letting you review books, share reading lists, discover new books and interact with other readers. You can follow at:

➡️ @bookwyrm

The website is at joinbookwyrm.com

There are lists of instances to join at joinbookwyrm.com/instances and fedidb.org/software/bookwyrm

You can follow BookWyrm accounts from Mastodon etc, for example @mouse

#BookWyrm #Fediverse #Books #Book #Reading #Literature #ActivityPub #GoodReads #Alternatives

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#Mastodon 3.4 came out in May 2021, almost a year ago. It is time! The first release candidate of Mastodon 3.5 is now available for testing.



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If you use #Gmail, #Google keeps records of everything you buy, even if you delete the email receipt. Here's metadata from a Google takeout showing price, delivery address, description, vendor, etc.
Here we explain how the tracking works and how you can stop it: tutanota.com/blog/posts/gmail-
#PrivacyMatters #privacy

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New #hometown version is out! v1.0.5+3.4.6: github.com/hometown-fork/homet

No new Hometown-specific features, but it incorporates critical security patches from Mastodon v3.4.6, so if you run a server, please update ASAP.

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Somewhen recently I learned that there is a "standard" in Germany for sharing medical information with emergency services. It consists of a small green plastic tube with a sheet of paper that contains information about health conditions, allergies, medication and emergency contacts, which you put into your fridge, and a small green sticker that you put on the inside of your apartment door.
I like the simple, analog design, and I think more countries should adopt it.

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The EU comission offers a reward (up to 5000 € + 20 % if a solution is presented) for finding security vulnerabilities in the following open source software: LibreOffice, LEOS, Mastodon, Odoo and CryptPad


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Bad social media gives you an audience: stuff like reach, personality/celebrity, spectacle, anxiety, alienation, competition.

Good social media gives you community: it’s more like voice, agency, discussion, comradery.

I want a community, not an audience.

Hello all developers, sysadmins and web architects. At my day job we are looking for new coworkers ✨

It is a small Berlin based company with remote work possible. We are currently planning a new automated hosting platform based on kubernetes and heavy automation. So we are looking for people that can help us make this a reality 🎉

If that sounds interesting, have a look at our open positions here

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Jfc apparently the “accessible” captcha for creating an outlook account is listening to three songs and picking the saddest one, ten times in a row

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2021 was a busy year on the HedgeDoc side, Erik summarised it in a post on the forum with various highlights and a foreshadowing towards the plans for 2022.


Big thanks to each and every contributor and the wonderful work all of you are doing every day ❤🦔

#Hedgedoc #thankyou


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Bonfire is a Fediverse project that aims to store your social data on a physical device that you own (for example a Raspberry Pi running Bonfire software). It will also operate offline if preferred.

It's still in development, but you can follow the project at:

➡️ @bonfire

The new official website is at bonfirenetworks.org

(It was previously known as CommonsPub.)

#Bonfire #CommonsPub #Fediverse #ActivityPub #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Hardware #OffTheGrid #Privacy

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URGENT: Starting Dec. 1st, Russian ISPs have started blocking access to Tor. We've also learned that Roskomnadzor, the Russian gov't responsible for censorship, intends to block torproject.org.
We need your help NOW to fight censorship!


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